“First Ever” Wind Turbine Project from Nmwenergy is Gaining Prominent Attention

“First Ever” Wind Turbine Project from Nmwenergy is Gaining Prominent Attention

November 26, 2019 – Nmwenergy, part of Watford LLC, aims to produce the cheapest alternative energy at minimal cost to the environment. Apart from supplying commercial and industrial turnkey solutions to set up wind farms and solar farms, it has also innovated on the technology, and the result is its “First Ever” wind turbine project.

Developed in association with the National Institute of Aviation Research at Wichita State University, the “First Ever” wind turbine project is the outcome of intense research into the design of wind turbines, their size, and simplification of assembly. The project looked into the large and heavy wind turbines used in large projects, and their low demand to come up with an innovation.

The “First Ever” wind turbines have a vertical rotation axis and are made of composite material. With a modified design the turbine is high tech and compares easily with aircraft fuselage manufacture in terms of scale and production complexity.

On the technical specs front, the “First Ever” wind turbines offer a rotation speed of 20 rpm with a wind of 15 mph. The output power is 500kW (torque of 58 output foot/pounds). The induction generators are 60-700kW, and Photocells are 60 pc with 1.2kW production.

The applications of ‘First Ever” wind turbines are wide, ranging from shopping centers and stadiums to institutions in the military, sports and educational sectors. Agricultural ventures and organizations too are a special use case.

Nmwenergy always prefers the most advanced and modern development strategy. The ‘First Ever’ project will meet the rising demand for wind turbines with great savings in energy and increased efficiencies,” said Kelvin Cooper, CEO, Nmwenergy.

Nmwenergy wind turbines allow clients to save money, bring down energy costs, and allow power production for commercial and enterprise use. Another attraction for the “First Ever” wind turbines comes from the new program, “Wind for Schools”. Nmwenergy wants children to learn about wind energy, which should be part of the educational programs.


Based in based in Newton, Harvey County, Kansas, Nmwenergy is one of the market leaders in alternative energy sources. The company is built on key principles, representing all the company’s key disciplines and all employees. For more information, please visit: www.nmwenergy.com

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