Selling a Home As Is in the Lafayette Real Estate Market

Selling a Home As Is in the Lafayette Real Estate Market

Not long ago, the local housing market was amazing. Sellers could ask for what they wanted and were likely to be the center of a bidding war for their properties. Homes often sold for more than the asking price. That is no longer the case. The market is slowing down nationally but Lafayette is taking an even harder hit. Homes are actually losing value and sitting on the market longer and longer. Some people are waiting for months for an initial offer.


If you can’t sell your home but you’ve already purchased a new one, you could take it off of the market and rent it to a local family. Being a landlord can be profitable but it could also be a lot of work. Tenants are going to expect your house to be in great condition and if they break something, you’ll be responsible for fixing it. Although renting out your home could earn you enough money to pay both mortgages, it might not be worth it.

Sell As-is

Another option that a lot of homeowners are choosing when they can’t find a buyer and they need to get out of the home quickly is using a we buy houses company. The advantage of using one of these companies is that you don’t have to make repairs to your house before you sell it. Although people who are looking for a home to live in themselves expect the house they buy to be move-in ready, this isn’t the case with companies like Roods Real Estate.

Wait for a Buyer

Most homes eventually attract a buyer. However, it could take some time. If you have time to wait for someone to buy your house, you will probably make a profit. Some homeowners need to make repairs or improvements in order to get a suitable offer. This is going to cost money and force you to remain in the home for a longer amount of time. If your home has a lot of problems, it might be cost-effective to use a company that buys homes in any condition. The profit won’t be as high but you won’t have to spend more money on repairs for the new buyer or pay additional mortgages while repairing and waiting to sell, if this interests you visit

Buyers like this purchase homes in any condition. They help homeowners who haven’t been able to sell their homes on the traditional real estate market as well as those who need to sell quickly because they are in danger of foreclosure. Homeowners have several options when it comes to selling a house. The best option for you depends on how soon you need to sell.

Roods Real Estate creates win-win situations for homeowners who need to sell their home right away. They help homeowners avoid foreclosure, heirs relieve themselves from properties they don’t want or need and landlords who are tired of renting to unruly or destructive tenants. They are not real estate agents and don’t charge fees for the service. Because buyers pay cash, the deals close within days, not weeks.

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