Orion Pain is a Pain Management Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ

Orion Pain is a Pain Management Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ – Pain is limiting and can significantly affect the quality of an individual’s life. Orion Pain, therefore, combines the experience and expertise of experts to provide the finest interventions to individuals who are suffering from pain and other discomforts that may have been caused by certain conditions or that are symptoms of medical conditions. As a leading pain management facility, the team at Orion Pain makes use of the latest and most advanced techniques to diagnose problems and based on this, offer a lasting solution to their patients.

Having been in practice for years, Orion Pain has come to find that not all patients are suffering in the same way. To ensure that the extent and severity of their patient’s pain and discomfort play a significant role in their treatment approach, the team at Orion Pain have developed a personalized and rather individual approach to treatment. With the adoption of the individual treatment approach, each patient will be offered the best diagnosis as the first line of action and based on the results, a treatment plan will be developed to ensure results in the shortest possible time frame.

Having earned a name as the most trusted clinic for pain management, Orion Pain is more than proud to show off some of their positive reviews which they have enjoyed over the years via their website. Describing the quality of services delivered by interventionists at the pain management clinic, a past patient said, “I was referred to Dr. Davenport for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with extensive pain in my joints. Because of other medical conditions I have, the normal treatments for rheumatoid arthritis are not appropriate for me. I am pleased with the results that I received from Dr. Davenport, as they have made a very big difference for me.”

Having enjoyed several positive reviews over the years, their interventionists have also adopted the best Scottsdale regenerative medicine in the treatment of pain and other discomforting conditions. To better meet the needs of patients, Orion Pain has also expanded its services to offer treatments for other conditions as well.

Some of the conditions now treated by the team at Orion Pain include head pain conditions that may have been caused by headaches, migraines or TMJ disorders. Their team also attends to pains in the neck, midback, and low back region, that may have been caused due to neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, radiculopathy, SI joint pain, and failed back surgery syndrome. In addition to these conditions treated, the team at Orion Pain also offers treatments for conditions affecting the chest, abdomen and pelvic region. Such conditions treated include abdominal pain, pelvic pain, visceral pain, chest wall pain, and thoracotomy pain.

Orion Pain also treats extremities such as arthritis, joint pain, tennis and golf elbow, Bursitis, neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, phantom limb pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.

Patients who visit Orion Pain will be exposed to a wide range of therapeutic options to be determined based on the condition suffered. Some of the therapeutic options offered include epidurals, facet joints, medial branch blocks and RFA, stem cell injecitons, spinal cord stimulators, sphenopalatine ganglion blocks, stellate ganglion blocks, carpal tunnel injections, plantar fasciitis injections, occipital nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablations, trigger point injections, intercoastal nerve blocks, selective nerve root blocks, cluneal nerve blocks, kyphoplasty, sympathetic ganglion blocks, as well as joint, bursa, tendon, and ligament injections.

Orion Pain is located at 10133 N 92nd St. Ste 102, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. For all pain management solutions, contact their team via phone at 602-475-5646 to schedule an appointment or send online inquiries via email to referrals@orionpain.com. For additional information regarding their services, visit their website. 

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