Business Influencer John Qreshi Unfolds Essential Secrets for Entrepreneurs to Inspire Confidence and Reach their Full Potential

John works with entrepreneurs of all kinds to scale their businesses and become certified Quantum Master Coaches.

New York, NY – Top Business Influencer John Qreshi is helping entrepreneurs by unfolding essential secretes to inspire confidence and reach their true potential.

Based in New York, John Qreshi is a Business Influencer and Founder of Quantum Master Coach.  Qreshi is a dynamic coach for executives, consultant, and speaker with more than 15 years of experience of stimulating clients’ inner strength and confidence.  Qreshi is on a very clear mission to create more successful entrepreneurs and allow them to see their full potential that will compound to create the greatest lift of overall global fortune.

“Helping to inspire entrepreneurs is something I am incredibly passionate about and I feel blessed to have found my calling as a coach and speaker,” says Qreshi.  “Through my services, I’ve seen businesses increase their profit margin from $2.5 million to $64 million, including Fortune 500 companies, top CEOs, psychiatrists, and even neuroscientists.”

Qreshi is widely known as being the author of one of America’s best-selling books, Rewiring Your Success, and is the founder of Quantum Master CoachTM, Quantum Master MentorshipTM, and Quantum High Ticket SpeakerTM.  Each of these are incredibly powerful resources and workshops that provide a guaranteed identity shift to produce proven results.

In Qreshi’s workshops, entrepreneurs will gain access to essential secrets that will help to:

  • Spread their skill and message to their niche
  • Find their customer base and niche
  • Understand the market and create products that will dominate the industry

Additionally, through his book Rewiring Your Success, Qreshi explains how to break down actions for change into manageable steps, and then actually follow through.  The book is a business treasure for entrepreneurs, CEOs, educators, trainers, coachers, and anyone looking to gain massive confidence, have financial freedom, scale existing business to the next level, or turn current success into something very significant.

“I utilize my expertise as a master trainer in neuro linguistics programming, Esoteric, neuro plasticity method, and as someone who has studied from scientists in neuro science and quantum physics to inspire clients’ confidence and motivation,” states Qreshi.  “I am continuously learning and sharing to drive entrepreneurs to realize their true potential.”

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About John Qreshi

Since 2017, Qreshi has acted as chairman of Qreshi Capital© and is a master trainer and board member of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Qreshi has published articles in Forbes on a variety of topics, and is a speaker on marketing consulting events and sales bootcamps.

Qreshi trains professionals, such as therapists and coaches, using a proven method that results in a power shift and outcome for their clients, in addition to instructing students towards becoming a certified Quantum Master CoachTM.

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