Visual Effects Artist and Author Shreyans Zaveri Rapidly Gaining Momentum as Spellbinding Storyteller

Zaveri’s storytelling abilities shine through in his visual effects work and as a successful published author.

Santa Clara, CA – Visual effects artist, filmmaker, and author, Shreyans Zaveri, is rapidly gaining momentum as one of the world’s most spellbinding storytellers.

Based in Santa Clara, California, Shreyans Zaveri is an Indian born filmmaker, storyteller, and visual effects artist.  Zaveri is the author of two highly popular novels and he has worked on innumerable TV commercials and visual effects projects for Google, HP, Microsoft, Nvidia, Lenovo, NASA, Made in Space, and more.  Additionally, Zaveri has worked with numerous celebrities, including Steve Wozniak, Joe Pavelski, and Eric Schmidt.

“From a very early age, I fell in love with movies, visual effects, and knew I wanted to be part of a world where I could share my talents,” says Zaveri.  “The greatest experiences I have are those where I am able to exercise my storytelling abilities, which I am able to portray through writing novels, visual effects artistry, photography, and even video production.”

As an author, Zaveri has masterfully displayed his ability to tell spellbinding stories through the art of writing.  With two written works under his belt, The Fuehrer’s Blood and Aarya, Zaveri has delighted readers from around the globe with his unparalleled storytelling capabilities.

In addition to his superb writing talents, Zaveri has demonstrated exceptional storytelling skills through his visual effects work.  Zaveri has an impressive list of filmography credits to his name, that include many commercials and a short films.

“All of my work experience has enabled me to showcase my passion for the art of storytelling and visual effects,” states Zaveri.  “I am incredibly excited to continue to show the world what I have in store for future projects.”

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About Shreyans Zaveri

Shreyans Zaveri is a celebrated visual effects artist, author, photographer, director, and cinematographer.  Zaveri holds multiple university degrees, including a Bachelor of Science (Mumbai University), and a double Masters in Philosophy (Mumbai University) and Visual Effects (SCAD). 

For over five years, Zaveri worked as a freelance photographer and production coordinator, taking on numerous visual projects. 

Zaveri currently works at Spiral Moon Media as a senior director.

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