Buroka Technologies to Launch $100 Crypto Bonus Campaign for Easy Sales and Purchase of Cryptographic Assets Online

The market these days is influenced by cryptocurrencies. Most of the countries around the world have accepted Bitcoin for common digital transactions in the trade industries. 

Investors around the world are looking for the best opportunities to make profits in the crypto world. And in order to ease the trading, Buroka Technologies Limited, a Nigerian company, has now launched an amazing campaign online. They are offering a bonus of $100 for Bitcoin transactions on their website. 

In order to make buying / selling of cryptos easier for interested clients, Buroka is offering easy transactions through Naira (NGN). It can ease the deposits and withdrawals as well. At the same time, the local bank transfers are also accepted on this platform. 

Clients that are interested in taking benefits of this amazing Crypto bonus campaign can register through the official website. As soon as your registration is completed, you will get an instant benefit of $100. 

The company does not ask for any deposit, nor they demand any commitment from clients. However, clients are allowed to withdraw this bonus only after selling or buying one Bitcoin. Note that the Bitcoin is kept safely on the Buroka platform for the investment duration. It can be used for shopping or can be sent to friends as well. 

In order to take part in this campaign, the person must be at least 18 years old and need to submit essential documents for verification of eligibility. One cannot open multiple accounts on the website to take benefits from this bonus campaign. The bonus is specifically given to eligible clients on the reasonable exchange of BTC. Note that the bonus campaign follows all Nigerian laws for relevant cases and fraud on the platform will be dealt with legal procedures. 

It is important to mention that this campaign will expire by 31st July 2020. So, all interested investors are advised to grab the benefits as soon as possible. Buroka $100 bonus campaign can make your cryptocurrency-based transactions more fruitful. 

About Buroka Technologies Limited:

Buroka is an authorized company to lead the business of intermediation in the sales and purchase of cryptographic assets online. The company is operating online for the past several years and they have served millions of satisfied clients around the world. Their recent bonus campaign is applicable to the citizens and residents of Nigeria so that they can avail amazing benefits of making transactions in cryptocurrencies. 

To know more about Buroka Technologies Limited we asked a few questions:

Q. How, according to you, this campaign is going to be beneficial for the citizens and residents of Nigeria?

A.  By offering a $100 Bonus for every customer buying 1 BTC we motivate Nigerians to diversify their assets and invest in cryptocurrency – the Digital Gold of the future.

Q. What are the additional benefits associated with these cryptocurrency-based investments on your website platform?

A. Bitcoin gives unmatched levels of freedom and security for your investments. Taken all the right security measures like activating 2FA (two-factor authentication) you are securing your funds from theft and confiscation. You can also make instantaneous payments in BTC to virtually anyone everywhere in the world.

Q. How, as per your experiences, the cryptocurrencies are going to transform the business sector?

A. Individuals and Businesses can benefit from fast and cheap transactions disregarding borders and middlemen. One of the greatest benefits is the ability to see all transactions directly in the ledger. Transactions are immutable hence will not be held back by any bank and cannot be canceled or recalled by the payer.

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