Block Chain Game (BCG) opens a new milestone of Block Chain entertainment and financing

Block Chain Game is jointly launched by Pictet fund family and montreux, Switzerland. Block Chain technology is used to promote the Game industry and achieve globalization, fairness and leadership of Block Chain Game. Make use of digital currency borderless, strong security, fast transfer speed and other characteristics, break through the game geographical restrictions. Create a paradise for hundreds of millions of players. At the same time open entertainment block chain finance. Make money through daily game streams and grow wealth freely through Pictet fund management.

Block Chain Game bottom, through the Chain technology. Automatically matches global anonymous online players. The game USES the intelligent contract technology to ensure that all rules in the process of the game are confirmed without error, and the contract is automatically executed by betting, ensuring that all game participants, participating funds and game process are automatically executed by the block confirmation on the chain. Keep the game fair. Avoid cheating and other black means to ensure the interests of each player. Let each swimming in game, feel block chain the charm of the game. Accelerate the globalization of Block Chain Game. At the same time using digital currency into gold. Select stable currency, mainstream currency, currency with large growth space as the way of gold. Ensure the user funds security, circulation, second cash. At the same time, it can realize the rapid growth of users’ stored assets. Experience the surprises and changes an app can bring you.

In the future, Block Chain Game will introduce more blockchain gameplay and explore more new technologies and multiple sections. Value the experience of each player. Promote Block Chain Game leading. Make blockchain technology universal to you and me. Enjoy it, wealth free Block Chain Game – one Dapp is enough.

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