“I Married An Elephant Trainer: A Story Of Love,” Recounting A Life Of Love, Passion, And Faith, Debuts on Amazon

Crestview, Florida –I Married An Elephant Trainer: A Story of Love,” a true account of love, passion, and faith, is now available on Amazon to readers worldwide and is vividly recounting the love story of Jana and Jason Barr.

A passionate story, step into the lives of Jason and Jana Barr, a loving couple from Florida, in “I Married An Elephant Trainer: A Story of Love.” In this 170-page memoir, follow the couple’s love story as told by Jana, who met Jason when they were just two young kids and fell in love in the summer of 1989 after she took a summer job at a wildlife park in Texas.

Jana, who went to church three times a week, was instantly attracted to Jason, an 80’s a heavy metal rock fan. Feeling the draw of a deeply personal and spiritual connection, Jana saw in Jason’s eyes that he was the one. But just a few months after this young couple married, a violent hurricane brought Jana back to God. In time, she slowly began to change, and the relationship as she knew it began to change as well. Jana wanted her husband to go to church with her, while Jason just wanted his wife back.

Throughout the memoir, learn how the two destined lovers overcame differences and rectified disagreements, choosing to stay together and to pursue a life of everlasting, eternal love. In a story told vividly, passionately, and lovingly, see how Jana and Jason allowed a journey of miracles to show them true love is meant to last forever and took them from the early days of working at different zoos to traveling across the country performing the elephant act in a circus.

It was a Netflix and chill kind of night. I laid my head on Jason’s thigh and just breathed him in. He smelled so good to me. I smiled as I remembered just a few months ago when I was hot and sweaty from working all day, and he pulled my body close to him. I warned him that I smelled of camels, and he might not want to get too close. He laughed and pulled me even closer.

“You smell like my life,” he whispered in my ear.

Paperback copies retail for $16.99. Kindle versions, also available, include a full-color photo gallery at the end of the novel.

I Married An Elephant Trainer: A Story of Love” is now available for retail on Amazon. To learn more about this autobiographical love story, or to order your own paperback or Kindle version, please visit Amazon here.

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