Hong Kong InVault Trust Launches Full Chain Services for USD and Compatible Stable-coins to Create a Full Financial Service Ecosystem

Hong Kong based InVault Trust Limited (Hong Kong Chartered Trust License TC006954) has announced the official launch of its USD and stable-coins based custody, exchange, investment, and other financial services, in cooperation with multiple national banks, global financial institutions, and family offices.

HONG KONG – Jan 22, 2020 – InVault Trust Limited (“InVault Trust”) is a Hong Kong-chartered trust company. Supported by its principle investor Matrix Partners China, an internationally renowned venture capital firm, InVault Trust is rapidly expanding its global operations in different markets. Up to this date, InVault Trust services are compatible with USD, GBP, HKD, EUR, CNH, in addition to establish strategic partnerships with BUSD, HUSD, PAX, TUSD, USDT, USDC, and other mainstream stable-coins.

To meet market demands, InVault Trust has launched its USD to stable-coin dual way exchange service, with compatibility of other mainstream fiat currencies, cooperating with multiple licensed institutions. InVault Trust clients may freely exchange between USD, dollar-backed stable-coins, and other fiat currencies on www.invault.io with their custody accounts.

As a licensed trust company, InVault Trust provides asset custody services as a qualified custodian, providing custody services for diversified types of assets including fiat, stable-coins, real estates, securities, insurance, and other kinds of alternative assets custody. InVault Trust’s founder and CEO Kenneth Xu states: “Besides custody services for fiat and compatible stable-coins, we have currently dived into each scenarios of custody services including Australian real estate custody, Japanese charitable fund custody, as well as investment fund custody for the Indian market.”

In terms of global assets allocation, InVault Trust has launched its pioneering USD and USD stable-coins denominated asset management product, with an accelerated investment maturity of 3 months, and a USD-denominated expected annualized rate of return of 9.8%. The underlying assets are comprised of credit assets from global financial institutions, which are credit enhanced and exceeds the rate of return for other similar global assets. All investments are under the custody of FDIC-insured US banks, extending maximum security.

“We strive towards transmitting value by using the blockchain technology and operates under trust licenses to link global high-quality assets,” said Kenneth Xu, “We believe in connecting cross-border traditional finance with innovative finance, transitioning from storing value to shifting value by using cross-border cooperation to support and promote digitized, secure, and connected construction of financial services to promote the harmonious symbiosis of traditional finance and innovative finance to create an open financial ecosystem services circle.”

About InVault Trust

InVault Trust Limited is a chartered trust company, and as an independent qualified trust institution, its advantages of business, security technology and licensing have helped it become an industry leader in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, it continues to develop global markets based on the prerequisites of complying with anti-money laundering and ‘know your customer’ guidelines.

For more details, please visit: www.invault.io

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