Acclaimed Designer Kamau Exom Delves into Greek Mythology to Produce Stunning New Designs

Even in today’s digital world, there is a sharp distinction between generic images and art.  Artwork often is distinguished by its minute attention to detail, its profound impact upon the soul of the viewer, and its ability to add to the artistic lexicon.  The works of Kamau Exom have been inspiring his fans and other graphic designers for almost a decade, but his newest works are stunning masterpieces which elevate his work to the level of Art. His works entitled Pandora’s Wall are derived from Greek mythology and are part of an unfolding story narrated by the deity Pandora.

These unique wallpapers come in a variety of hues including Blue Brick, Sand Brick, Emboss Sand, Silver and Gold, but each is based on a masterful design by Kamau Exom. Intended for laptops, tablets, PC’s and smartphones, each design automatically formats to the size of the display without unsightly distortion. The wallpapers are accompanied by an interactive ebook with a story which is updated bi-weekly and that is enlivened by animation, sound effects and music.  Story characters Elle, Cupid, Venus and Hades are also available as 3D-printer models.

This historic project by a leader in the graphic design community is almost ready for launch, but Kamau Exom would like to involve his fans. He has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise $855. Financial contributors may receive valuable perks including a wallpaper, regularly updated ebooks, prints, and handcrafted metallic paintings. 

To learn more about Pandora’s Wall or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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Company Name: Pandora’s Wall
Contact Person: Kamau Exom
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