Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Inc. to Be Featured on 21st Century Health Television Series November 7th on CNBC (as paid programming)

MMP (USA), Inc. is pleased announce that Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Inc will be featured on 21st Century Health. This segment will focus on an advanced and patent-pending technology that combines multiple anti-cancer therapies to directly target cancer tumors.

Boca Raton, FL — Advanced Proteome’s vision is to advance the field of protein-site targeting by creating next-generation protein therapeutics that represent a rational, progressive and innovative approach to new anti-cancer protein conjugate drugs. Advanced Proteome Therapeutics’ primary goal is to specifically target and destroy only cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. Advanced Proteome Therapeutics technology is based on the “Foundation TrinityTM”concept of delivering targeted therapy, combination therapy, and homogeneous therapeutics all at the same time. 

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming at MMP (USA), Inc., added, “Advanced Proteome Therapeutics is an innovator and a leader in their industry.  We are excited to have them as a guest on our program.” See link for more airing information:

About Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Inc. Over the past few years, Advanced Proteome has developed a proprietary protein modification platform with the purpose of attaching entities to therapeutic proteins to enhance their properties and/or endow them with additional functions. Traditionally, such protein therapeutics have relied on chemical methods with poor reproducibility, resulting in heterogeneous drug mixtures with variable potency and toxicity. Advanced Proteome has developed advanced methods designed to produce such protein conjugates as homogeneous substances that meet the gold standard of attaching a desired entity to the same, single, specific site on the protein surface to assure product uniformity and purity. The classical concept of a “magic bullet” for treating disease, which has underlied R&D  of therapeutics since the turn of the 20th century, has evolved to favor simultaneous use of a more diverse and complex arsenal of weapons to meet the challenges of cancer. By analogy, Advanced Proteome has extended the “magic bullet” concept to the “multiple warhead” concept. Specific preparative methods that avoid the pitfalls of heterogeneous mixtures are highly sought by industry for product safety, ease of manufacturing, and increased efficacy. Indeed, Advanced Proteome can utilize its protein delivery system as a scaffold to facilitate attachment of each entity possessing anti-cancer activities to its own specific site on the protein. This feature differentiates Advanced Proteome from its competitors and affords significant advantages in producing single agents bearing multiple therapies. APC has filed patent application to protect advanced methods and platform technologies, which are being applied to the delivery of drugs to specific cellular targets.

Advanced Proteome has embarked upon a program that has made the targeted delivery of anti-cancer drugs to tumor cells  a point of focus. The company has been utilizing a protein that has a high affinity  for breast and ovarian cancer cells, as a specific delivery system for various anti-cancer drugs. APC has developed the ability to modify multiple sites of the delivery protein and guide specific drug entities, in turn, to their own specific sites on the protein. Thus all the protein conjugates have the same composition and are of high purity, while delivering combination therapies in a single agent.  Thus, APC’s anti-cancer program uses proprietary technology to attach multiple entities to the delivery protein, combining their respective anti-cancer properties in a single tumor-targeted agent. APC’s technology is therefore well-suited to the challenges inherent in developing combination therapy .

Therapies that utilize drug conjugates and are targeted to specific cancer cells are expected to be far more specific, potent, and less toxic, than classical methods utilizing simple chemotherapeutics that also attack healthy cells. Such targeted therapies are intended to home in on cancer cells primarily, avoiding the nasty side effects of classical chemotherapeutics, and are expected to ultimately dominate the markets for anti-cancer therapeutics.  For more information go to

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