AnabaGana Seeks to Improve the Lives of Ghana’s Most Impoverished

Although the nation of Ghana has one of Africa’s most rapidly developing economies, many of the residents in the northern region of the country have not enjoyed the benefits of the economic boom.  Among the poorest in this region are the weavers who produce the culturally important smocks, known locally as dansikas. These smocks have been worn by African royalty from time immemorial and continue to be prized in Ghana culture.  The weavers who create these dansikas draw upon a number of honored trade skills including weaving, pottery, sculpture and leatherwork to produce these beautiful, hand-made clothes.

Unfortunately, many of the weavers which produce these clothes have not been able to rise above a subsistence level of poverty, despite producing such a desirable product.  In order to help these craftsmen and their families, AnabaGana—an Accra, Ghana based social enterprise—would like to introduce the dansika to other markets where it will be branded as African royal garments.  AnabaGana is confident that the dansika will soon become popular in these new markets both as casual or business wear. 

AnabaGana is currently seeking financial support from the public to help launch this important social project.  By partnering with Indiegogo, AnabaGana has begun a fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $10,000.  If this goal is achieve, $6,000 will be used to purchase smocks, $2,000 for marketing, $500 for office equipment, and $1,500 for training and facility rental.  AnabaGana will help these rural craftsmen standardize their production process through quarterly training sessions, making their goods more accessible to consumers and enhancing their revenue. Most importantly, AnabaGana will introduce the weavers to modern branding and marketing processes which will allow them to build business relationships with vendors.

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