Are African Nations Vunerable to Instability as the Planets Cycle through the Constellations?

Unequivocally yes, relative to planetary angles and the current cycle of a specific country; yet this can apply to any national entity.” says astrologer Kevin D. Raphael Fitch, author, of “Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean.

As put forth recently, by astrologer and author John Townly, about the release of the book, Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean: “All in all, this invaluable work is a ready-made classic that fills a long-empty gap in the understanding of mundane astrology and the nations that individually and collectively make up the evolving halls of history,” 

There is a tide in the affairs of any state. 

Historian Benson Bobrick, in his book “The Fated Sky: Astrology in History”, wrote that “the very idea of a “period” in history…is astrological. That theory brought the otherwise indistinguishable flow of time into an ordered sequence, and made history intelligible by identifying its hectic course with celestial events.”

In the “Astrology of the Four Horsemen: How you Can Heal yourself and Planet Earth” Elizabeth Clare Prophet, quoted Roger Bacon, the English philosopher and Franciscan Friar of the 13th century: “Bacon believed that it was possible to avoid wars through the study of astrology.” 

The world’s nations don’t just wrestle with politics, discord, poverty, and the uncertain flux of world markets, they also grapple with the inexorable force of cycles (which is the matrix, in which the conditions of any country take place), and especially the moment when one cycle ends and a new one begins. The eternal motion of cycles is always in confluence with a corresponding change of conditions:

In 1969, Libya’s First Republic came to a lightning finish, as Muammar al-Gaddafi launched a coup against King Idris I, while the planet Uranus formed a 90 degree angle with that country’s government sector. (In astrology, this sector is called, the 10th House.) Uranus formed a conjunction also, to Sudan’s 10th House, in 1989, while Omar Hassan Ahmad Bashir forcibly removed Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi, from office.

Also, in the Central African Republic, Uranus also formed a 90 degree angle to the 10th House in 2003, as François Bozizė Yangouvonda staged a successful coup against President Ange-Feėlix Pattasė; and in Ghana, Uranus had passed over the 10th House seven months before the Nkrumah administration was toppled in 1966. 

There’s more, but you have to read the book to appreciate how the transit of Uranus as well as the rest of the known planets, have corresponded also to positive changes, in governments, as well as the flavor and the scope of scholarly research that contributed to this book’s production. 

“Uranus is known in astrology as the planet of awakenings, and sudden change, and yet these dramatic events don’t always occur when this planet forms a precise angle to a nation’s astrologically determined, government sector. Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean unites astrology, history, and philosophy together,” says Raphael. 

Professor Floyd W. Hayes, III PhD. of Johns Hopkins University says: 
“You have produced a book that will be an important reference to scholars and to informed citizens around the world who have an interest in astrology and histories of Africa and the Caribbean.”  

Modern nations live and thrive within a sea of complex combinations of forces and within the ebb and tide of the national flux, patterns are revealed, over time. Thus the destiny of nations can be cognized to a certain extent, but within the context of possibilities, as astrological portents can be transmuted, altered even, by the enlightened spiritual will. This is key, where the horoscopes of 64 African and Caribbean nations are concerned, in this book, which is original in the content layout, and its interweaving narrative.

Gloria Star, Astrologer, Editor, and Author of Astrology: Woman to Woman, says:
“Your narratives are insightful and clear, providing a remarkable opportunity to expand my understanding of our world from the cosmic perspective. Your book will be a mainstay for my research as time moves forward!”  

“Raphael’s book on the astrology of modern Africa and the Caribbean is a fascinating read for all interested in the sagas of these countries’ independence. He has done a fine job of layering astrological charts over the history to create an excellent tool for novice of astrology and seasoned veterans alike. Through the birth charts for each new government, he reveals its true potential as well as its pitfalls. Definitely recommend.” 
Pam Bell, author of ‘Astronumerology & Love and Sex by the Numbers.’

“This is a first-class, must-read and must-have book for anyone interested in African history and astrology. It is as well written and well informed as any text of its kind that I have ever read. Whether you are an astrologer, a historian, or simply have a curious intellect about the sagas of Africa, you will find that this text richly rewards you.” 
Basil Fearrington, astrologer and author of: ‘The New Way to Learn Astrology.’

Today, astrology is employed by major corporations, financial institutions and analysts, and white collar professionals, and it can be helpful in enabling the nations of the world, to anticipate change and, to more successfully direct their own course.

Media: Contact author for interviews, sample chapters, book reviews. The paperback version of, Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean is available from any bookstore or bookseller around the world, as a Print-On-Demand. The book retails for $29.95. It is also available on Raphael’s website:, in PDF format for $11.99.

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