Aussie Tourism Will Hinge on Strong Indian Support

Australia Invests in international tourism through strong campaigns

With more and more Indians considering repeat travel to Australia, it is not a singular reason for the interest. For the honeymooners, it is romance. For the site seers, it is the amazing beaches, and for wildlife lovers – the reasons are nearly endless.

That said, Sydney Morning Herald reports that some Indians are now becoming worried of their general safety due to violent incidents that have occurred in Melbourne in 2009. The major incident in question involved an Indian student, and is still a despicable indecent that hangs on the minds of would-be visitors. Still, despite the concern, Indians have not stopped slowed the overall aggregate of travelers. They are now one of the fastest growing international tourists groups, according to Tourism Australia.

By 2020, the director of Tourism Australia predicts that there will be nearly 50 million Indians traveling to the continent/country.

Tourism in the country is comprised of a handful of countries primarily. New Zealand accounts for 1.9 million in 2012/2013 season. China made up 685,000 individuals who found their way to the country down under. United Kingdom residence made up just over 604,000, while the United States was a hair under a half-million with a 492,000 total. Singapore accounted for 363,000 overall.

The two countries have enjoyed a stronger relationship thanks in part to a Gillard government. The director of the Australia-India Institute, Amitabh Mattoo, stated that there were large needs in order to make sure the two countries were able to get along. It would not simply be a uranium export deal that would define the friendship.

Tourism Australia has seen success off of marketing to more international visitors like Indians, and the Economic Times has reported that he endeavor has apparently been helping. The country has been pushing to support the airlines likes Singapore Air, Malaysia Air, and Air India among others through pointed campaigns.


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