Author Sandradene Walters has Recently Released her Newest Collection of Poetry called Uncharted Love

Poet, Sandradene Walters writes emotionally provocative pieces that express her inner passions and desires.

Author and poet Sandradene Walters has just released her third book of poetry, Uncharted Love, and it looks to follow where her previous volumes left off.  The book will be available on, and

Walters has been writing poetry all her life but has only recently started to collect and publish her poems. A member of several poetry groups in Washington, D.C., Walters writes poetry that has been described as “sensual” and “uplifting” dealing with all levels, phases, and ages of physical and emotional connection.

Her previous books include Unspoken Words and The Passages of Love. They explored the seasons of love through sensual and thoughtful poems. She says, “Have you ever sat down and just watched a bird take flight and in secret wished that that was you? Well I’ve sat, looked and wished and now, after I’ve reconnected with my soul, I’m flying high with the release of my new book. I want my readers to not only travel as they read, but to rediscover their own indescribable passion for life and love.”

Her work may not be for those who are faint of heart, as many poems contain explicit renderings of sexual love. But they cover a wide range of emotion and expression. Uncharted Love is full of moments of passion “Love is touch away when we explore through uncharted love”, of transparency “When we love through openness, the mask of uncharted love is removed”, and of inevitability “Uncharted love is traveling the unknown path to loves destiny”.

Sandradene Walters is a poet of love and writes about every aspect of this emotional and experience. Walters was born in Jamaica and raised in the eastern United States. She is a proud mother of three and has one granddaughter. Her poetry has been recognized as incredibly sensual and moving, encompassing every aspect of the love relationship from raw, pulsing sensuality to sweet, tender intimacy.

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