Bell Landscapes Showcases Vertical Gardens and Green Walls for Urban Landscaping Sydney

Vertical gardens and green walls are ideal options for houses that want a garden landscape but have a limited space. Bell Landscapes talks about the ideal garden for modern houses.

A garden landscape is the perfect urban beautification project. A man made structure such as a house is given vitality with the help of shrubs, flowers, trees and small rocks. It is proven that a garden increases a property’s worth by a significant percentage. If the garden is properly designed and well kept then the property will surely fetch a high price in the real estate market. Aside from its aesthetic contribution, gardens are also known to be therapeutic. Looking at plants is known to reduce anxiety. It is effective in providing a place to relax and rest from pollution and stress. Even the medical community is starting to realize the impact of gardens that they are using garden therapy to boost the recovery rate of their patients. Owning a garden is becoming a must for many homeowners. Sadly, many homeowners do not have wide yards to accommodate a garden. Most urban housing have limited space just enough for living and none left for recreational areas such as a garden. Bell Landscapes offers another option for homeowners who wish to have a garden but have a limited space in their property. A growing trend among urban families is having a vertical garden or green wall. Instead of a conventional wide lawn landscaping, vertical gardens utilize walls where plants are hung or grown into. Bell Landscapes even offers a modular and flexible system that allows the owner to modify the arrangement of the plants. Vertical gardens can also be installed with an automatic watering system. The company also offers regular maintenance and check up to make sure that the plants are in good condition.

Vertical gardens can be stocked with ornamental plants, herbs, vegetables and even edible plants. To learn more about vertical gardens, visit and browse through their gallery of recent vertical garden projects.

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Bell Landscapes is a garden landscaping specialist the offers different home garden remodeling, maintenance and upkeep. The company details their services in their website Email them at or call them at 1300 855 280.

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