Boehner Says He Will Not Allow Debt Default

Republicans and Democrats continue to blame one another

The government of the United States may not be forced to undergo the painful task of taking on debt crisis in default atop of a government shutdown, according to John Boehner. The congressman stated to his fellow GOP memebers that he would not let the national debt defeault.

Boehner, who sits as House leader, stated that he would personally set aside the “Hastert Rule”, which would allow Republicans to bring measures to vote, and rely on the Democrats to pass measures to raise national debt limits. Boehner attended his Wednesday meeting with the legislator, but the individual asked to remain in anonymity in order to maintain clout with the House members.

Republicans within the congress still remain in deep divide regarding the raise of government borrowing levels. An aide to the House speaker stated the situation was less dire than some may lead the public to believe. “Boehner has always said the United States will not default on its debt, so that’s not news.”

At least one Democrat has been supportive of the GOP leader’s refusal to block the president’s measure. “This could be the beginnings of a significant breakthrough,” Schumer said in a statement. “Even coming close to the edge of default is very dangerous, and putting this issue to rest significantly ahead of the default date would allow everyone in the country to breathe a huge sigh of relief.”

The vow from Ohio Republicans comes exactly two weeks prior to the government running out of the $16.y trillion in debt, and unless Congress can agree upon a new ceiling for borrowing, the outcome is a government default.

Boehner earlier wrote to the USA Today, saying “there is no way Congress can or should pass (a debt ceiling hike) without spending cuts and reforms to deal with the debt and deficit and help get our economy moving again.” And the congressman has accused President Barack Obama of refusing attempts to negotiate.

Meanwhile, Obama and the Democrats have since stated they will open talks, but only after the government is reopened.


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