Children Illustrations Convey The Truth and Dangers of Drinking Cow’s Milk

Author Has Turned to Kickstarter to Help Bring This Book To Life

Burnaby, Canada – Feb 12, 2015 – Maritza Oliver has announced the topic and title of her first book, which is “Milk and Cookie a Little Spooky.” This is a book with whimsical illustration that educates young readers and adults about the dangers of drinking cow’s milk and highlights the benefits of a diary-free lifestyle. The book is finished and needs funding for printing and distribution.  To raise capital needed to get this book on the shelves of households, she has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise $5,000 CAD by March 16th.

The misconception of how cows are cared for on meat and dairy farms is explained in Maritza exciting tale of “Milk and Cookie a Little Spooky.” Readers will go on a journey to educate themselves about cows and the effects of drinking their milk through beautiful illustrations that were hand drawn by the author and colored in with watercolor. In a light and humorous approach, she conveys the message in a way that evokes empathy and compassion from readers of all ages. The book aims to teach readers why it is unhealthy for humans to drink another species’ milk and learn how to adopt a dairy-free lifestyle.


As a mother, Maritza wants the best for her son and other children around the world. This prompted her to share this news when she found out the harmful affects of humans drinking cow’s milk. She put a lot of time, effort, and passion into making sure the book was easy to read but still conveyed the strong message regarding the consumption of dairy. This unique approach tailors to children in a fun and lighthearted writing style. All information in the book is backed by studies and is written in simple language for everyone to understand.

The book is thirty-eight pages long and has nine sections that address different aspects of the diary industry. Each section brings to light facts about cows, the nutritional components of milk and its effects on the human body, the environment and much more. Maritza does an incredible job at explaining these topics in an exciting storytelling style and amazing illustrations to helps young readers make a stronger connection to the message.

Her hope is that “Milk and Cookie a Little Spooky” will make a positive change in the world by informing society of the dangers of consuming cows milk. The book will have perfect binding and a hard cover. It will be 8×10 inches in landscape size.

Be part of this change now! Make a contribution today by visiting the campaign. If the goal is not met, this will delay the project will be delayed. The world needs more fun educational books like this to convey messages in an engaging form to younger audiences.

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