Citizens Barter for Homemade Goodies in Inaugural Food Swap

Klang Valley hosted a Food Swap for residents to barter for goods and foods instead of using money to buy their wants and needs.

Recently, the slowing economy has made food swap gatherings increasingly popular in America and the United Kingdom. These events bring the community and their efforts together to barter for home cooked items and homegrown produce as currency.

Food Swaps have one simple rule: No shopping. Everything traded must be home grown or home cooked. Residents can bring their herbs, tomatoes or even flowers from their gardens to barter for things they need. All the food bartered must be halal – which means properly sealed in packages, and participants are encouraged to be innovative with their creations to harvest appeal for the swap.

Food swapping is not a new concept. In the “old days” families, usually women, would exchange food with close neighbors, creating a close-knit community. Now, the busy rate race of life means that most people don’t know their neighbors.

The Food Swap in Klang Valley was put together by Food Bites, the people behind the gourmet food markets that were held last year in Petaling Jaya. During the two hour event, participants displayed their wares and identified their items, along with a list of all ingredients.


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