Community Care First Aid Announces OFA Level 1 Course for Workplace Emergency

The OFA level 1 course, from a training partner of the Canadian Red Cross, Community Care First-Aid, is designed for workplace emergency first aid and CPR.

Community Care First-Aid has introduced OFA level 1 course for handling workplace emergency. The course helps employees acquire critical skills of first aid and CPR. Employees will feel reassured by the fact that first aid and CPR are available on the company premises and there is someone at hand to assist them, if a cardiac emergency occurs.

Community Care First-Aid is the training partner of the Canadian Red Cross and helps spread awareness for first aid and CPR skills in communities of the Greater Vancouver area. They aim to bring first aid and CPR training to the community. Experience has showed them that community education is the best way of increasing survival rates in emergency situations. Trained individuals will be able to offer an immediate medical response when the need arises and it will be faster than any ambulance service.

Community Care First-Aid hopes to achieve this goal by adopting an unique teaching approach which relies on training people at a place and time that is most convenient for them. The training can be scheduled in the community center, office, or even in home.

The center hopes to get more and more people trained this way. In addition, this type of first aid training can be interactive and enjoyable when more friends, family members, and colleagues are involved. It is an unique way to impart knowledge and the ability to save lives of a greater number of people.

The vast and varied experience of Alon Hendel, director and head instructor of Community Care First-Aid, helps them achieve their noble objectives in a planned and systematic way.

Hendel has held the responsible position of head coordinator and instructor in the army medical school of the Israel Defense Force (IDF), where he trained hundreds of combat medics. Hendel continued to train medical personal and volunteers for Israel’s Emergency Medical Services, a member of the Red Cross International organization. To further establish his medical training, he achieved a Bachelor of Medical Science degree (BMedSc) from the University of Sydney, Australia, with a scholarship for academic achievement in 2005.

The OFA level 1 course from Community Care First-Aid is a workplace emergency first aid and CPR course which many view as a special service for both their colleagues and clients. The service sends a clear message that employees are safe in the organization due to ready access to CPR trained experts. It also helps employers comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations as set by Work Safe BC.

The eight hour first aid training course comes with flexible scheduling options and gives a three year certification in Occupational First Aid Level 1. The course includes CPR Level 1 plus AED. CPR information is provided in greater detail in the course. The content also focuses primarily on medical emergencies that can occur in an indoor work environment. The core area of the course helps in dealing with medical situation, such as cardiac arrest, airway emergencies, and life threatening illnesses.

Community Care First-Aid does not believe in training through memorization. They teach you the logic behind first aid and CPR in very practical terms, so that when the time comes for you to put your training into actual practice, you will know the purpose of your action and the goals you are trying to achieve. Learning is imparted through a well developed process that helps retain the course detailsfor a longer time.

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