Company Releases STI Testing App

Allows individuals to share results quickly

There is now a new technology that can help individuals protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. A product called luhu is a new platform that gets STD results faster and makes it easier to share with probable partners.

“While folks can go get a one-time test and tell someone that they tested negative for HIV, you’re trusting what that person is saying is true,” Luhu’s chief medical officer Dr. Mike Rosen said. “However, you have to ask, ‘When was that test done, and who has that person been with since that test?’ By joining Luhu, you’re markedly lowering your risk of getting an STD, or giving one to someone else.”

Luhu is said to be geared toward those who are looking for regular tests and not for one-off testing. That is the reason for the $92 pricing, which includes a three month membership that includes a first-round of testing outcomes, lab visits, and all services. After the initial costs, Luhu costs $10 per month.

The HIPPA-compliant platform is said to share its verified STI testing with partners and require zero paperwork to do so. This prevents capability for falsification according to the company.

The CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new STDs are being diagnosed within the United States per year. That costs the American health care system upwards of $16 billion in costs in medical coverage along. Men and women across the country tally 110 STIs in total.

Luhu has partnered with the Quest Diagnostic team, which is one of the largest US laboratory tests. The company currently has over 2,11 locations. Those who wish to make appointments, get their blood drawn or access results within three days of taking a test can do so at said locations.

Free STD testing is still widely available, and Luhu users do have to pay out of pocket for their tests. That is why the program is geared toward those who have consistent needs.


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