Danish Charity, Soul Shine, is Creating Businesses and Soccer Academy to Help Impoverished Guineans

Soul Shine, the Denmark based social enterprise has long had a strong presence in the small African country of Guinea and especially its capitol Conakry.  While the country has grown economically, there is a large population of poor residents who suffer greatly due to a lack of jobs. Soul Shine has recognized that these families could very easily support themselves if they were provided employment and is intent upon creating a number of sustainable businesses, including a soccer academy.

Three businesses will be opened by Soul Shine in Conakry.  These three stores will sell second-hand clothing, machinery and electronics.  These businesses will employ young residents, thereby providing useful new skills and business experience which can help them support their families and achieve financial independence.

In addition to offering jobs with living wages, Soul Shine is also committed to creating a robust and enduring community.  In order to help cultivate this sense of community, Soul Shine is utilizing a national enthusiasm for the sport of soccer.  The organization already sponsors five soccer teams and could easily sponsor ten to 15 more. Once a soccer academy is established, many of these teams could launch, helping send some of Guinea’s youths on to lucrative sporting careers.

Outfitting dozens of youths for soccer or training them to serve in business establishments requires a significant investment.  Soul Shine has partnered with Indiegogo to sponsor a crowdfunding campaign to raise $14,000 which will help launch these ventures.  Financial supporters will receive a number of rewards including digital diplomas and recognition in the Danish media.  To learn more about Soul Shine, or to make a donation, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fc-soul-shine-football-academy.

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