Distance Learning Publishes Infograph of Illegal Wildlife Trade

Illegal Wildlife Trade
To raise awareness of the horrible trades of endangered species, Distance Learning published a infograph full of facts about the industry and how it is affecting the environment.

The Wildlife Trade involves hundreds of millions of individual plants and animals from tens of thousands of species all over the world, but not all of them are legal to own, sell, or hunt. Distance Learning, a resourceful website that helps students find their perfect online degrees, has released a new infographic about facts regarding the wildlife trade to encourage students to seek a degree in the environment field, a fast-growing, promising industry.

The demand for wildlife grows as the human population grows. It is only natural that humans would depend upon natural resources, however it is important to understand the implications of some actions over others and make the best decisions according to ethics, the law, and ecology.

Because of their rarity, endangered plants and animals become the target of illegal wildlife trading. This self-accelerating cycle can push rare and endangered species past the brink of extinction.

From the illegal logging of protected forests to the illegal fishing of endangered marine life for food, and the poaching of elephants for ivory, the illegal wildlife trade is hugely popular in the criminal community, nearly equal to illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking and arms trafficking.

Demands for wildlife include seafood, wild meat, leather goods, exotic timbers, medicinal ingredients and live pets, among other things. If you have an interest in stopping poachers and international criminals from harming the world’s wildlife, visit Distance Learning to find an appropriate college that offers a degree in your area of passion.

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