Downunder Insurance Offers Cheap Travel Insurance in Time for Holiday Season

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December will soon be here along with Australia’s peak travel season. Many may plan to stay home this year or travel abroad but, in either case, they should not go anywhere without adequate travel insurance in place. Downunder Insurance is now offering cheap travel insurance plans just in time for the coming holiday season.

Downunder Insurance offers many different levels of coverage to satisfy every need, circumstance, and budget. For example, their international backpacker’s policy provides cover for lost or stolen baggage, medical emergencies, travel delays, personal liability and more. They also offer packages for frequent annual travellers, multiple individuals travelling together, and even those who plan to be abroad for up to 12 months.

Unlike some other travel insurance companies, Downunder even offers a package for individuals wishing to take advantage of the International Experience Canada scheme. This policy is specifically designed for travellers between 18 and 30 who want to live and work in Canada for up to two years. A working holiday visa for Canada is required to take advantage of the program.

Visit the Downunder Website

To see all of the different options available, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the Downunder Insurance website at Each policy has its own dedicated page with all of the details laid out in an easy-to-read grid format. The company makes it easy to compare policies with just a few minutes of one’s time.

While there, visitors can fill out the online form to receive a quick and easy quote. They can even purchase online through the company’s secure payment website.

According to Downunder Insurance officials, travel insurance is a necessity in a day and age where even the slightest inconvenience or mishap could wind up costing travellers a lot of money. And the fact that travel insurance is so cheap suggests it should be a normal part of the travel budget. For a lot less than one would expect, more than adequate insurance cover can protect the traveller while away on a trip.

Both domestic and international travellers should consider their travel insurance options right along with destinations and itineraries. Downunder Insurance makes it easy by offering their travel insurance online. Backpackers, frequent annual travellers, or someone just looking to cover a one-off holiday will know there is a travel insurance package right for them.

About Downunder Insurance

Downunder Insurance has been selling insurance products since 1992, having been originally established to sell motor insurance online. By 1998, the business had expanded to include cheap and comprehensive travel insurance. Today the company offers tailor-made travel insurance packages in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. More information about America travel insurance and the company or their travel insurance can be obtained by contacting them using the information below.



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