Dr Robert M Trager the JFK and LGA Dentist, a NYC “Secret”

Dr. Robert M Trager, the JFK and LGA Airport Dentist is a NYC “Secret”, except for the thousands of people that he has helped. Did you know that there is a dentist office with free parking (or take the bus) at JFK Airport?

He’s in the Administration Building (#14), South of Cargo Area A, off 130th Place / South Service Road. There is even a sign as you drive North on the South Service Road for Dentist.

Oral Cancer Crusader
Dr. Trager has over 30 years experience in oral cancer screening and prevention. Dr. Trager uses fluorescence and reflectance advanced technologies to detect signs of cancer to be followed up. He lectures on oral cancer detections and prevention. Dr. Trager is associated with Dr. Bernard Fialkoff’s Bayside Dental Study Group, Astoria Study Club and at the Bangladesh Dental Society in Queens.

He delivers all general dentistry services – extractions, dentures, periodontal, whitening procedures, fillings, cleaning – every reason that you go to see the Dentist.

Assisting the I.N.S.
Dr. Trager holds that eruption of wisdom teeth and the fusion of bones in the wrist usually indicate that a person is over 18. The I.N.S. views dental and bone X-rays as reliable ways of determining age. An immigrant’s age is key to his or her effort to gain entry and then residence in the USA and Dr Trager’s examinations have been critical to INS differentiation of minors and adults.

Recognitions for NYC “Secret” Dentist

Dr. Trager is a past president of the Long Island Academy of Odontology, the Queens County Dental Society, and the Academy of General Dentistry, Queens Chapter. He is on the Board of Directors of the Nassau County Dental Society and is chairman of the Oral Cancer Committee.

Personally, I want to be the thousandth person to get a medical procedure, not the first. In Dr. Trager’s career he’s seen it all and handled eveything thousands of times.

Video Link:http://www.youtube.com/embed/bmBckn3Yfk4

About Dr. Robert M. Trager
Dr Robert Trager is the Airport Dentist with offices at JFK and LGA serving airline or airport service employees. Dr Trager’s office cheerfully accepts union dental coverage and his JFK office is next door to where JFK workers go for drug testing.

Company name and address and phone number

Dr Robert M Trager is the JFK Dentist
JFK Airport Office
Building 14
West Wing
Jamaica NY 11430
Phone 718-656-4747
Fax 718-656-2614
email insdocjfk@yahoo.com

Dr Robert M Trager is the LGA Dentist
LaGuardia Airport Office
Central Terminal Building
Room 3636 – West Connector
Flushing NY 11371
Phone 718-507-7800

Media Contact
Company Name: JFK Dentist
Contact Person: Dr Robert M Trager
Email: insdocjfk@yahoo.com
Phone: 718-656-4747
Address:Jamaica NY 11430
Country: United States
Website: http://jfk-lga-dentist.com/