Dr. Steve Warner Makes SAT Math Preparation Affordable To All Students Via His “Get 800″ Series of SAT Prep Books

The unique techniques Dr. Warner teaches are the most effective ever published and cannot be found in any other SAT Prep Book. The GET 800 SAT Prep Books are designed to raise SAT Math Scores with just 10 – 20 minutes of daily studying.

NEW YORK, July 14, 2014 Every student knows of the importance of earning a high score on the SAT Exam. It can mean the difference between getting into a below average college, or having the choice of schools that students dream of. There have always been coaches available with the goal of improving SAT Scores, and there have even been a plethora of training and practice manuals. All this has changed thanks to Dr. Steve Warner, who has introduced a new paradigm for how students can easily achieve the highest possible scores without “Burning Out”.

Dr. Warner’s “Get 800” series of books presents the most effective tips, tricks and tactics from this masterful Math Professor and SAT math tutor. His students are happy to pay him $375 per session to access these exclusive strategies and powerful teaching methods during private lessons. Now, this massive amount of information that he has developed is available to students of all income levels. Dr. Warner’s primary goal was to make his teachings available to as many students as possible.

Imagine significantly raising an SAT Math Score with just 10-20 minutes of daily studying. Each book in the “Get 800” series has been created to address a specific concern relating to SAT math preparation. Consisting of beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, the targeted nature of the “28 SAT Math Lessons” Series will ensure that not a single moment of time is wasted during SAT math prep. The main part of each book consists of 28 lessons that teach precisely the concepts, strategies, and SAT math problems necessary to progress to the next score level. The questions and solutions in “320 SAT Math Problems” are arranged by topic and difficulty level making it quick and easy to pick out the problem types that students need to focus on. “The 32 Most Effective SAT Math Strategies” systematically provides all of Dr. Warner’s techniques with many examples showing exactly how to use them on the SAT. And finally, the “SAT Prep Official Study Guide Math Companion” contains solutions to all 540 math questions in all ten practice tests from the 2nd edition of the College Board’s “Official SAT Study Guide.”

Some of Dr. Warner’s students have been able to exhibit such a significant score increase that the test makers have accused them of cheating, with no evidence other than the phenomenal increase in their test scores. His “Get 800” Series of SAT Math Prep Books have created quite a buzz on the SAT Forums and Blogs, and this is no wonder being that they are the product of over 14 years of research and development. While other books teach general mathematical knowledge, Dr. Warner’s strategies are designed to exploit the test’s weaknesses, which allow students to save huge amounts of time, avoid careless mistakes, and answer questions correctly while avoiding messy algebraic computations whenever possible.

Student Testimonials have been pouring in and attest to the effectiveness of this SAT Prep Book Series. Just take a look at what Peter H of Sacramento, California, had to say: “I ordered probably five or six different books and study guides. Tried online Kaplan, etc. All of them were terrible and/or not very realistic compared to the real test or just didn’t hold my son’s interest. (Let’s face it, this stuff is dry for students). Your approach involving the Official SAT Study Guide – which are in the form of real tests – was the only one that worked. Just the preamble to your “The 32 Most Effective SAT Math Strategies” book was worth the purchase of the entire book.”

He goes on to say: “Thanks to you, my son now has a very good shot at his first-choice school. Congratulations on the incredibly important role you play in people’s lives. If one student gets into their first-choice school and that creates a big career boost, you have had an enormous impact, especially in cases where the student is actually quite capable in math, just not very good at tests under time pressure. In addition to the personal impact, if that person earns a lot more money or has greater career satisfaction attributable to admission in a better program, you have literally added an annuity of wealth to the nation with each success. You must feel just great about your impact and you deserve it.”

Dr. Warner is inviting all students to take advantage of his limited time offer: Buy 2 Books and get all 6 of his SAT math prep books at No Cost. After purchasing any two books from Amazon in paperback that are displayed on this page, a link will be provided to download the six books.

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