DUInsurance Offers Great Travel Insurance Deals for Winter

Finding a precise insurance package can save travelers from unnecessary headaches

Now that the summer holiday season is winding down and Britons are returning to work and school, holiday travel may be the furthest thing from people’s mind. Nevertheless, the winter holiday season will be soon be here, along with the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Downunder insurance encourages individuals to consider affordable travel insurance for any winter travel plans.

Downunder offers domestic travel insurance for those planning to stay within the UK. Perhaps they will be visiting family up in Scotland or spending the winter holidays in the south of England. In either case, domestic travel insurance can protect against motoring accidents, lost baggage and more.

The company also understands many Britons prefer to spend their winter holidays skiing and enjoying other winter activities. That is why they offer a full range of insurance plans for international travel. Company officials recommend consumers not even consider a skiing or snowboarding holiday without proper insurance cover.

Whether we like it or not, accidents do happen on the slopes. A good insurance plan will cover travellers not only for injuries they may sustain while skiing, but also damage to their equipment. Downunder policy plans are thorough, generous, and very affordable. There is no need to embark on a skiing holiday without it.

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Consumers who want to know more about the insurance plans offered by Downunder can find all the details by visiting www.duinsure.com. The attractive and intuitive website provides details on each type of plan in an easy-to-read grid format. This format allows one to quickly compare policy options before making their choice.

Downunder offers seven different travel plans to meet every need, including their winter sports plan. The plan covers downhill and cross-country skiing, ice-skating, and glacier trekking up to 4,000 metres. It includes payment for personal accidents, hospitalisation and repatriation, travel delays, lost personal effects, and more.

Those needing insurance for their caravan holiday will find that Downunder has them covered there as well. Among other types of motoring insurance, the company offers plans for motor homes, caravans, and trailers. Combined with cheap winter rates for caravanning, one could get a great holiday at an equally great price.

Downunder makes the quoting and purchasing process very simple. One need just fill out their online quote form, submit it, and wait a few moments for the price. Once ready ready to purchase, it can all be done through Downunder’s secure payment site.

About Downunder Insurance

Since 1992 Downunder Insurance has been providing UK residents with affordable, high-quality motoring and travel insurance. Their insurance policies are designed to offer the individual consumer just the right coverage for his or her circumstances and budget. The company also offers backpackers travel insurance to travellers in Australia and New Zealand through local offices in those countries. Further questions can be directed to:



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