E-Shot Releases Infographic that Explains Importance of Optimized Email Marketing

Email Marketing Facts
Customers are willing to open emails when done right

Email marketing has been a craft since the email services were invented to allow individuals to transfer personalized messages back and forth over the internet. Now, E-Shot.net has released an infographic that explains the game that is Email marketing.

No matter what snake-oil salesmen say, marketing facts remain to tell the story of a fast and efficient way to inform individuals of particular opportunities.

Just over three-fourths of all consumers would rather receive permission-based marketing, including email. Over half (58%) of subject lines with less than 10 characters are opened. Having personalized subject s are 22% more likely than any generic line to be opened by potential consumers.

Meanwhile, as the infographic points out, 72% of the B2B buyers are likely to share useful content through email, while over half of businesses note that they plan on a general increase in marketing over email throughout 2013.

When companies send emails, customers are even more willing to open the messages than normal, according to the infographic. Eight-of-ten will open an email sent from a company. 3.6 billion total email accounts were in use in 2013 and with it comes an ROI of 9%-gain, if marketers optimize the numbers.

Overall, 44% of email recipients decided to buy a product based upon the email promoting the product, and another 70% stated that they utilized coupons received within the last week or month.

All of this positive news regarding emails simply shows why a company should invest directly in making sure it has optimized and expansive email marketing concepts. That is why E-Shot is the company to trust, with quality services that can ensure both for any company.


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