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The EAN Bar code is very instrumental in organizing and delivering products across the world. The EAN Bar Code Shop offers several cheap EAN bar codes for sellers in Amazon, E-bay and other online shops.

EAN Bar Code shop is a one stop website for retailers looking for EAN Bar codes for their products. EAN Bar Codes are widely used by manufacturers, retailers and tradersto organize, identify and record product information. Because of EAN bar codes, retail processes have improved efficiently, they are also used in production line and warehouses. The company discussed in their website some basic information about EAN bar codes.

EAN bar code is an abbreviation of European Article Number and has been utilized by retailers all across the globe. The bar codes are useful in identifying and sorting out similar products in the market. A basic EAN bar code is composed of four main components. The first three digits is the number system which identifies the country numbering authority that assigns the manufacturer code. The next digits are the manufacturer code. It is a unique code assigned to each manufacturer by the numbering authority indicated by the first digits. The next digits after the manufacturer code are the product code. Unlike the manufacturer code that is assigned by the numbering authority, the manufacturer is free to assign any product code to each product. The product code usually contains specific product information that differentiates it from other similar products. The manufacturer just has to make sure that each distinct item is given a unique product code. The last part of the bar code is the check digit. The check digit is an additional digit used to verify that the bar code has been scanned correctly. There are times that a scanner pulls an incorrect data due to scanning errors, print imperfections or technical difficulties. The check digit verifies if the rest of the data in the bar has been read completely.

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