Experts Say Upping SEO Quality Key for Small Businesses

Duplicated content and poor linking will haunt companies that fail to meet standards

With new changes in 2013, and the Penguin update having a large impact on small business websites. After reductions in traffic, webmasters are glad to see at least modest turnaround and uptick in traffic since the May slashing, thanks in part to a softening from Google when it came to Panda.

Many webmasters are now looking to shift their SEO tactics and consider the softening a long overdue measure.

There are a few companies who seek lower quality SEO services, and they now have a wary eye watching out for Google even more than ever. Still, smaller businesses have to run everything with tight reigns and often feel they cannot look to simply increase SEO budget for no reason. Consequences are high-stake at the small business level, and there are particular reasons small business owners have to reconsider the option.

Many may dismiss the notion, but Google does communicate openly about no longer tolerating particular SEO tactics that worked in years past. Pain links, lacking content, and duplicating product are no longer effective measures. Even if a company has not received a warning, it is clear the days are numbered for such tactics. Increasing the quality of SEO work is a must for all.

The recovering based off the effects of the updates is also expensive. While duplicates are obviously to be removed immediately, keyword-stuffings and thin content will have to be rehashed, which is time-consuming and expensive. Poor and improper backlinking are difficult measures to fix and also take plenty of time. For small businesses, making sure to embrace the new necessary quality is key.

Finally, SEO has now effectively merged with marketing. Small business webmasters have often had a one-time-through strategy for dealing with SEO. However, SEO is now a more dynamic and organically growing concept. Small businesses will have wished they did more to progress their SEO if they leave it after the initial push. Strategy is more important than ever for SEO work, and that means it evolving over time.


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