Facebook for Business Challenge: Performanced Based Consultant Asks Small Business Owners If They Will Spend 30 Minutes to Make $30,000 or More

Crush Local Marketing is offering small and medium size business owners a free forensic business review valued at over $1000 that will identify at least three ways to quickly grow their business and make $30,000 or more.

November 29, 2013 – Crush Local Marketing, a global offline and online mobile marketing firm that gets businesses and medical practices more customers, is offering a free forensic business analysis with veteran entrepreneur, venture capitalist and performance based consultant, Tim Leary. To qualify for the review, businesses must complete a brief questionnaire about their company’s current business, challenges and opportunities. Forensic business reviews go deep into what is working the best and what is not working and are often very expensive to the business owners. This free offer is good for the month of December.

“After 25 plus years of results based business and marketing consulting for Fortune-level companies as well as small business entrepreneurs, I find that many companies are surviving off of a single revenue stream versus the many that may be available,” says Tim Leary, President of Crush Local Marketing. “When companies hire us, we optimize the current stream of income, then find and create new streams of income to accelerate sales. In addition, if your business qualifies, we can be performance based, meaning if we take you on as a client and you are under our protection, you will not pay us a dime until we deliver results.”

There are only three ways to grow your business; get more customers, sell those customers more and or high priced products, or increase their purchase frequency. During the business analysis, detailed questions are asked to uncover the hidden opportunities in each one of these areas. Businesses are often very surprised at the hidden jewels in their customer lists, inactive customers, joint venture opportunities with the businesses across the street, the willingness of happy customers to refer others, and much more.

“Most businesses are very good at providing the product or service that got them into business in the first place,” says Leary. “They are always amazed when a hidden asset they either forgot about or took for granted is rediscovered and deployed effectively to get more business. The biggest opportunities today are using the newest crosshair, laser customer targeting techniques that are now available using various forms of digital media – especially Facebook.”

The use of the Facebook for business and the Power Editor is ground breaking for marketers. The Power Editor offers access to a huge range of consumer attributes that have nothing to do with the likes and interests on someone’s Facebook profile page. Facebook partnered with three of the biggest offline data providers, resulting in the new Partner Categories offering amazing targeting opportunities for pennies on the dollar. Marketers can segment by all the traditional age, income, location demographics, then can get very granular with size of household, job role, hobbies and interests, investments, net worth, affinity for a particular automobile, spas, pets, food, jewelry, and much more.

“Let me give you a real example”, says Tim Leary. “We have a local veterinarian where we found over 20K new prospective clients in their zip code that were cat and dog owners and buyers of pet and animal products. We put ads on their Facebook News Feeds for new client specials for pennies versus a Google Adwords campaign at $4.00 to $8.00 a click! Another example is for an auto dealer who was able to target more than 200K prospects within a certain distance from their dealership that had a highly likely propensity to buy a certain make and model vehicle in the short term – again, for pennies versus the $100K a month in ads that use a shotgun approach.”

Crush Local Marketing works with businesses on a global, national and local level, with clients in Asia, South America, Canada and in many US cities. Client industries include health and medical, consumer electronics, real estate, automotive, retail, Internet, Amazon-based companies, churches, technology, select restaurants and entertainment.

About Crush Local Marketing
Crush Local Marketing offers results-based consulting to help businesses grow. The challenge for many businesses is that they survive off a single revenue stream versus the many that may be available. When hired, Crush Local Marketing will find and or create multiple streams of income to accelerate sales.  If a business qualifies, Crush Local Marketing may be performance based, meaning the business pays no fees until results are delivered. For more information, contact Tim Leary 888 328 9732 or visit http://www.crushlocalmarketing.com

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