Freelance Software Test Announces the Launch of Their New Software Testing Business

Freelance Software Test is excited to announce the official launch of their Software Test Engineering and Test Services business.  In today’s world technology changes rapidly making the industry a fast-paced and incredibly dynamic place. It can be challenging for both startups and established companies alike to keep pace.  In most technology companies testing software represents one of the core challenges and can be the hardest skill sets to keep current with frequent technology changes and emergent market demands.

Freelance Software Testing was established to provide companies of all sizes access to on-demand, reliable Test Engineering services and provide clients with dependable, repeatable results.   While they excel in providing Test Engineering services, software test automation, virtualized test environments, and software tool implementation they have a strong team the can handle virtually any software testing question, concern, or problem that your business may face.

Software testing in the industry today is becoming more and more task driven requiring companies to keep teams on the bench or on staff for long periods of time during slow periods and off peak times.  Additionally, the need for companies to do research on emerging technologies, perform tangent type tasking, and assess testing impacts pulls resources from business critical efforts to support these types of efforts.  Freelance Software Test is striving to assist companies with these concerns by offering flexible contacting options including “Fee-for-Service” type contracts.  No effort is too small or too large.  They drive a flexible culture and provide support for spike driven tasking.  As Kevin Hahn, owner of Freelance Software Test, states “our flexible contracting models are aimed at providing results for our clients and we fully encourage a Use-Us-Only-When-You-Need-Us support structure.”

The team at Freelance Software Test takes a unique approach to software testing challenges by applying a Tools, Process, and Technology (they call it TPT) approach to every effort.  This is a methodology they have developed that looks at every problem or task from a business point of view to drive the appropriate application of testing tools, industry standard processes, and alignment to specific technology stacks to achieve the absolute best results. From client applications, client-server applications, enterprise web applications, data analysis and warehousing analytics, and mobile platforms like Android and IoS, we have got you covered.

To learn more about Freelance Software Test, visit or contact them today and meet the high energy team that is ready to produce results for you.

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