Frognav: Go Mobile Without Having a Mobile Website

Frognav allows businesses to provide customers a mobile presence without having to invest in a new mobile website

With more people accessing websites from their smart phones, a mobile web presence is no longer a luxury for businesses, but a necessity. Frognav ( was created to help businesses with limited or no mobile presence to transition to mobile easier and less expensive than ever before.

Frognav is different from other mobile companies because it does not require a new website design or conversion of your current site to mobile. Frognav’s mobile navigation sits seamlessly on all websites and is only viewable when a visitor accesses a website using a smartphone or other related mobile device.

“Our experience has shown that the majority of mobile users seek quick information on a business while on-the-go.  This can be a phone number, map and directions or a special offer. With Frognav, businesses can offer this level of mobile interactivity without investing in a full-fledged mobile site or responsive design. “ said Shervin Kalinia, CEO of Frognav.

The Frognav website provides a two-step process by which visitors can create and deploy their custom Frognav that matches their company’s branding, as well as add multiple navigation options including phone, address, email, offers and social media.

Frognav also provides a dashboard where customers can update their Frognav as well as see how well their Frognav is performing.

“A key element to any marketing program is the ability to measure performance and to tweak as needed. Our reporting allows marketers and business owners to see how well their Frognav is performing and then make real-time changes to their Frognav based on the data.” said Matthew Dillingham, VP at Frognav.

Frognav is a subscription based service with a free and a paid option that is $24 per year.

According to Kalinia, “We decided to price Frognav at a price where any sized business would be able to afford a good mobile presence in the shortest amount of time. Business owners need to be able to rapidly deploy their marketing efforts and Frognav allows that.”

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