GenioCode Announcing iCaptura Crime Prevention System

Palo Alto, CA – On March 31 2015, GenioCode launched a crowd funding campaign for iCaptura, new multi purpose multi functional device that will allow users to recognize faces and alert authorities through email and MMS when a person of interest has been identified on camera. 

“When US President Barack Obama visited India during Republic Day this year, over 15000 CCTV cameras were deployed in Delhi. If some incident had taken place, the amount of footage cops would have had to go through would have been really high and the time wasted doing that could also have been better utilized,” explains founder, Sunoj Antony, “We have developed a customized algorithm to identify a person perfectly from a crowd. Developing this kind of product is not easy but not impossible either. We have applied for a patent so other companies cannot replicate our product.”

Using iCaptura is fairly simple; all you have to do is input an image and once iCaptura camera or other CCTV cameras those are integrated with iCaptura , an alert is raised and stakeholders are informed by MMS and email with located person’s image, name, date, time , location and other required details. iCaptura’s main purpose is to help locate known terrorists, criminals, and missing people by alerting concerned officials when their image is captured on camera. 

iCaptura also has a wide range of other potential uses, including monitoring attendance in schools and offices. This can save time and effort since iCaptura can also take care of notifying parents or concerned officials about absentees automatically. iCaptura can also be used to manage reserved parking spaces or help detect and prevent illegal voting.

There are lots of attractive features for domestic users. Along with providing air quality, humidity and temperature at your home or office, through iCaptura, you will get notification if needed when you are away. You don’t have to monitor live video continuously, iCaptura will alert you when needed. By pressing a particular button in your iCaptura app, iCaptura will alert neighbours through email and MMS if situation demands. It would also sound an alarm, forcing neighbours to pay attention immediately. says the team, “At present, we have developed a prototype and are raising funds to build the associated hardware. In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including an iCaptura t-shirt, an iCaptura mini pack, a smart domestic iCaptura, and more.” 

To learn more about iCaptura, check out the project here or contact the creator below.

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