Home Grinding Produces Healthier and Better Tasting Burgers

Ensure that you have only the finest quality beef burgers and meat patties by doing the grinding yourself

The best way for healthier and better tasting burgers, meatballs (or whatever other type of meat cuisine you can dream up) is grinding your own meat. The quality and flavor of your dishes will be greatly improved and it is easier than you would imagine. It does not require any butchering skills and more importantly, you are in control of what goes into the grinder.

You control the amount of fat that goes into the grinder and there are no byproducts, additives, colorings or preservatives in the end product. The risk of E. coli contamination is also drastically reduced by grinding your own meat.

There are a few steps to master to do the job right. A little trial and error as well as experimentation and in no time at all you will be grinding up a storm. The first step in DIY meat grinding is choosing your protein source. This allows for a lot of experimentation and allows you to customize your own blends.

You can add parsley for burgers, garlic and chives for flavorful meatballs and chicken patties or mix a little pork and apple slices for tasty breakfast sausages. To ensure a moist, flavorful results choose cuts with some fat such as pork butt, beef chuck, short ribs or dark-meat poultry.

You may also want to pick firm, meatier protein in some circumstances such as swordfish, tuna and salmon that hold together better than delicate and flaky white fish for excellent fish fillet sandwich patties.

Whatever you choose, be sure to put the protein and the grinder hardware in the freezer for about 15 minutes before you begin. The meat should feel firm but still give when pressed with your finger for the best results and texture when finished.

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Meat Grinder Depot (www.meatgrinderdepot.com) has many electric and manual Meat Grinders from a variety of manufacturers. Grinding your own meat has many advantages, which include taste, quality, cost and convenience. Purchase one today and taste the difference!

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