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Why Choose Health Administration
Why Choose Healthcare by MHA Guide

Health administration is a field that has been giving a considerable injection of a promising future thanks to the affordable healthcare act being passed by the Obama Administration. However, one cannot simply jump into the field without considering all the hurdles and difficulties that come with the important positions in the field. That is why MHA Guide has released an infographic that explains both the payoffs and difficulties of a career in the field.

According to the infographic, the health care system accounts for nearly 16% of the nation’s gross domestic product. That number holds within in over 5,000 hospitals, and employees nearly 3.5 million individuals. While the population ages, the opportunities in the healthcare administration field continues to grow.

Jobs in the 15,000 nursing homes, 7,000 home health agencies, and 3,500 hospice programs all account for opportunities for qualified administrators. Meanwhile, healthcare positions in the area of health plan creation, pharmaceutical industry work, medical groups, and medical equipment/devices are each possible.

For the typical healthcare administrator, a master’s degree or a PhD in the fields of health services admin, long-term care, health sciences, public health, public administration, and/or business administration are required. However, at smaller facilities only a bachelors is required if the individual already holds experience in the field.

Graduates of such systems are expected to understand many aspects of the health care services system, while their duties include items like: Planning and coordinating personnel and staff, purchasing goods, public relations, fund-raising functions, accounting, and program evaluation, as well as development/implementation of budgets.

According to the infographic, a mid-career median of pay is nearly $88,000, with a projected employment increase for the common jobs associate with the higher degrees. It is clear then why many covet the positions, which are both challenging and rewarding for so many.

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