Instagram Firstâ„¢ Becomes The New Norm, Brands Turn to Sharkreach For Effective Marketing Campaigns to Target 1 Billion Social Media Users

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA – April. 17, 2015 – With Instagram’s skyrocketing popularity, small companies and big brands alike are all scrambling to find the best way to connect with those 300 Million active users. SharkReach, a Manhattan Beach start-up, has developed a proprietary algorithm called SharkScore to help bridge the tech gap that most organizations find to be overwhelming.

SharkReach is an Instagram First™ marketing platform, designed to allow brands the opportunity to activate key influencers beginning with Instagram and reaching across virtually all social media platforms. This allows brands to reach consumers with unique engaging campaigns and well branded messaging. To take the mystery out of social networking, SharkReach offers a full service approach to helping companies take full advantage of Instagram’s ongoing growth spikes which have surpassed Pinterest (7%), LinkedIn (6%) and Twitter (5%). “We design and manage every aspect of our clients Instagram marketing campaigns which include influencer selection, campaign flighting, contest execution and reporting. Our robust monitoring capabilities allow us to provide invaluable metrics that detail posts, users, reach & impressions,” said Steve Smith, CEO of SharkReach.

Steve, and his carefully selected team of social media masterminds, have already attracted big names like DraftKings & Game of War. Not too shabby for a 6 month old tech start-up. SharkReach is also stacking up their talent roster as well, most recently scooping up Jim Louderback, former GM of Discovery Networks. Jim who has held positions at Revision3, Ziff-Davis’ TechTV, PC Magazine and is the first Advisory Board member for SharkReach.

When it comes to successful social media marketing, engagement is key and SharkReach has developed a proprietary Instagram contest platform that enables brands to not only connect with users but to interact and engage them. SharkReach campaigns rely heavily on established relationships with popular influencers who have the ability to develop brand loyalty through branded photo contests and sponsored Instagram posts.

To better illustrate the power of social media and its influencers, the Instagram marketing campaign for the November 2014 release date of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay resulted in more than 1 million engagements. Further proving that Instagram truly is the hottest platform in social media. (Besides, 75 million daily Instagram users can’t be wrong now, can they?)

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