Introducing Flipping Book Tools Released by FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd. has introduced a series of flipping book tools that will encourage users from different fields and technology awareness levels to rethink how they communicate their ideas to the public.

The first flip books were created in 1868 by John Barnes Linnett and quickly became a popular entertainment product. They quickly came to be associated with children’s books and seen as novelty items. The flip book concept has evolved over the years to something altogether different. Today flip books are incorporated into websites and online magazines as a promotional tool and engaging way to interact with an audience. Companies like FliptHTML5 are releasing a series of flipping book tools that enables users to quickly turn their word or PDF documents into engaging and interactive media displays.

FlipHTML5 is a digital publishing solution by produced by FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd that allows users to quickly convert their print materials, marketing content, and books from PDF and other sources into an interactive multimedia experience. The technology allows this content to be to be published across a variety of channels and platforms and avoids the snafu of downloading large documents and opening a top to bottom scroll reader. The flipping book software delivers a product in a manner that is visually appealing and one which most people are generally accustomed to seeing. People expect book pages to turn right to left, not scroll top to bottom, so being able to read a document or catalog in this manner creates a more pleasing user experience.

Previously this technology was available at an extremely high cost and required multiple developers to convert files and enhance them graphically. Today that same user experience can be had a low or no cost.

“We wanted to provide a digital publishing platform that enabled small companies to transform their digital content into interactive flipbooks and catalogs so that they have the opportunity to compete at a level they otherwise would be unable to reach without a large technology investment,” said FliptHTML5 spokesperson Winton Zhang. “And not just businesses, but individuals can show off their first novel to friends. Teachers and parents can now create animated books for their children to read or listen to. The possibilities are limitless.”

The application of the software is indeed expansive. Artists can convert their works into HTML5 brochures and then distribute them globally within minutes. Small Etsy stores can use the software to showcase their wares in a professional looking catalog. Students can use the free version of the software to make engaging reports and papers. The software is perfect for creating digital catalogs and has enough multimedia features to enhance upon the many stock themes provided by FliptHTML5.  Within minutes a presentation, book, or catalog can be created, enhanced and distributed across the web, viewable on PC, tablet, Mac, iPhone, Android, Kindle and other digital eReader devices.

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