Jacqui Letran Is Helping Teen Girls Build Confidence Through Shedding Insecurity And Taking Charge

Jacqui Letran is working to help teen girls take charge of their lives through her company the Teen Confidence Academy.

With over 15 years of experience working with teens, Jacqui Letran established the Teen Confidence Academy (www.TeenConfidenceAcademy.com) to focus on specific problems she saw emerging among young girls.

Through her work, Letran noticed an upsurge in teen girls who lacked both confidence and self- esteem and who suffered from both anxiety and depression. Having successfully emerged from troubled teen years herself, Letran decided to step fully into the role of advocate and role model for today’s teen girls.

“I am passionate about helping teen girls develop unshakable confidence, step into their greatness and live their lives to the fullest,” Letran says.

Through her program, Letran promises that teen girls will: conquer anxiety, stress, and fear; discover and release the root causes of their problems quickly and permanently; build a strong sense of self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-worth; create and enjoy new friendships and strengthen existing relationships; develop a powerful mindset and attitude of success.

To illustrate her success in working with teen girls, Letran points to the story of a client she calls “Renee”.

“Renee came to me because she felt she was not living her life; that she was an observer in it. She felt depressed, powerless and alone,” Letran says. “She felt unloved by her own mother, disconnected from the world around her, and did not like or value herself too much.”

Guiding Renee through the Teen Confidence Academy’s eight-week-long program and establishing a loving rapport with the girl, Letran was able to help Renee overcome the obstacles in her life that were holding her back and making her doubt herself.

“After working with me for 8 weeks, Renee now sees herself as a beautiful young woman who is pursuing new passions in life that she did not know existed,” Letran reports.

Her own past as a teen mother who also felt isolated from her mother and her peers is a fundamental part of Letran’s strategy for reaching out to and connecting with teen girls. Using herself as an example, Letran is confident that her program via the Teen Confidence Academy is the perfect solution for young women who are currently struggling to stay afloat.

“Within the first session with me, my clients feels hopeful about their situation and see that change is possible,” Letran says. “After completing the program, my clients learn to truly love themselves, see themselves as capable and deserving of a happy, successful lives and have the tools to take control of their emotions and their lives.”

For more information about Jacqui Letran or the Teen Confidence Academy, visit www.TeenConfidenceAcademy.com.

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