Keranique Offers New “Hair Solutions” System for Hair Re-Growth Among Women

An advance hair therapy for regrowth, specifically formulated to address thin, dull, lackluster hair for women of all ages.

While many women are faced with the costly proposition of purchasing numerous, individually packaged hair care products, Keranique is offering numerous products together, in a new “hair solutions” system.

New York, NY February 16, 2013. Health and beauty stores are crowded with products claiming to help women thicken or re-grow thinning hair, something that may seem, on the surface, like an advantage for the consumer. In reality, this abundance of hair re-growth products can often seem daunting. Many women are faced with the expensive proposition of purchasing several, individually packaged hair care products in order to achieve the desired effect. Just as vexing is the fact that determining which hair products work the best together can be difficult, especially when it comes to products made by different companies or belonging to different brands. A hair care brand called Keranique is offering a solution to these problems, however, with its new hair re-growth system. The Keranique system includes several products that are meant to be used in tandem, eliminating the need for women to purchase numerous items separately.

The Keranique system comes packaged with multiple products, each meant to provide women with hair rejuvenation results. The system includes several products from the Keranique line, including a shampoo, a conditioner, Keranique’s unique hair re-growth treatment, and a lifting spray. These items, when used together, are said to offer effects in the thickening, volumizing, and re-growth of women’s hair.

Even though the Keranique system comes with multiple products, it is the hair re-growth formula that has garnered the most attention—and for good reason. This product is made with minoxidil, an FDA-approved ingredient specifically used to re-grow hair that has been lost or that has grown thin.

While each of the products in the Keranique system is effective in its own right, they are intended for use together, in harmony, to achieve the desired effect. With its 2 percent minoxidil formulation, the hair re-growth treatment helps women grow hair that has been lost, while the other products lead to a healthier environment for growing thicker, fuller hair.

In most cases, the re-growth of lost hair does not happen overnight, as it takes some time for the ingredients to work to their full potential; even so, many Keranique users have claimed to see results in as little as a week’s time. The efficacy of the products in the Keranique system stems largely from Keranique’s insistence on using only ingredients that have been scientifically formulated for woman, something that sets Keranique apart from many other hair care brands. In addition, the Keranique products provide protection from heat, humidity, and pH imbalances.

Keranique is a hair care brand that provides re-growth solutions to women who are facing hair loss or thinning. The Keranique product line is formulated specifically for women. Founded on scientific principles of hair rejuvenation, these products guard the hair against heat and humidity while providing a pH balanced hair loss solution. Additionally, Keranique has incorporated minoxidil into its hair re-growth treatment, an FDA approved ingredient specifically used to re-grow lost or thinning hair. To learn more, visit

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