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100% American Made paracord products
Kraffty Kreations features a select line of paracord products, including: bracelets, key fobs, and ecig lanyards. All products are American made, using 550 paracord.

Kraffty Kreations is proud to offer their line of paracord products. The small business is based out of Lincolnton, NC. The company started only a few months ago, and initially began selling products at the local flea market. Once the ecig lanyards were introduced, the business evolved. Today, several local stores in the surrounding areas of Charlotte, NC, carry the lanyards, and possibly several more stores will also carry it in the near future. All of the products are made in America, using 550 paracord. 

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is growing at a very fast pace, and along with that comes the need to keep that product safe. Kraffty Kreations’ lanyards not only make sure that your ecig will not get damaged by carrying it in your pocket, but it also makes it easily accessible to you. The lanyards, just like the bracelets and key fobs, are made with 550 paracord, and they come in two different styles and a variety of different colors. The most popular style is the braided lanyard. The braided lanyard features a small cobra tied knot at the base of the lanyard, which gives the brand’s lanyards a unique look. They also offer lanyards with a basic metal clamp in place of the cobra knot. The lanyards are also designed to fit either the ego, or the evod style ecig.

The company also offers small, medium and large bracelets tied with the cobra knot. Bracelets come in 6 different colors, including: black, red, royal blue, neon yellow, camo, and safety orange. Additionally, Kraffty Kreations carries 2 different styles of key fobs, both are also tied with the cobra knot, and both styles of key fobs come in 6 different colors: including camo, pink camo, black, purple, safety orange, and light blue. Along with the different colors, you can choose either the twist style, or the flat style. The twist style is a basic key fob with one key ring, and the flat style is a basic key fob with both a key ring, and a hook on the other end.

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