Larym Design Launches New Professional WordPress Support Services Packages

With this service launch, Larym Design will take care of all future WordPress, theme, and plugin updates plus regular backups. In addition, the company also offers excellent security services to protect WordPress installations from hackers.

Las Vegas, Nevada – March 16, 2015 — Larym Design, a full service branding agency with a strong offering in custom WordPress design and development, is happy to announce the public launch of its Professional WordPress Maintenance and Support Services. For over eight years, the company has been a provider of custom WordPress support services and maintenance to its development clients as a natural transition to keep the newly designed and developed websites in perfect condition.  However, with continually growing demand for its expertise, the executive team has committed the organization’s resources to deliver exceptional quality monthly WordPress maintenance packages to those entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations that need assistance. 

“When WordPress was still primarily a blogging platform, we bet our company on its potential to be something more.  And we have never looked back. These last few years, we were getting more and more support calls from local firms that may know how to get a web site up and running but were not as familiar with the management and support required to maintain it securely. As WordPress caught fire in the business community, the more that security issues became a focus. With the popularity of WordPress I knew we needed to expand our services,” stated Myra Peterson-Love, Larym Design Co-founder and Director of Marketing. 

“Agreed.  We were always confident in our technical skills.  However, when we looked at how we were currently providing our technical support services to existing clients, we had to make changes in our operations so we could accurately document, systematize, and track our activities,” says Eric Love, Larym Design Co-founder and Managing Director. “That is what took us longer than expected to launch because we knew we had to deliver the same personal care on a larger scale.”

WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) powering over 60.7% of the market. WordPress is an open source and free platform, compared to enterprise-class CMS systems that cost several thousand dollars in licensing costs that also require in-house IT expertise and site management.

According to Torque, It was downloaded over 46 million times in 2014.  They also state that it has been translated into 51 languages and have over 35,000 plugins in its free access database.  The adoption rate of WordPress suggests that many find WordPress to be a great platform because it is easy to learn and easy to do a basic setup.  

Unfortunately, WordPress has also made headlines due to hacked sites and security concerns.  W3Tech states that only 33.9%, or a little more than a third of sites have been updated to the latest version. states that their figures are even lower.  Staying up to date with WordPress, theme templates, plugins, and any customizations that may have been made, can be tedious. Updates are constant and unforeseen hiccups, compatibility issues with plugins can lead to potential broken designs, downtime, and/or loss of data due to problems with the update process.

The solution is not for a business owner, CEO or senior management to become an expert in WordPress or programming.  The executives at Larym Design believe that by working with professional WordPress consultants, such as their company, businesses will be in better shape.  With this service launch, Larym Design will take care of all future WordPress, theme, and plugin updates plus regular backups.  In addition, the company also offers excellent security services to protect WordPress installations from hackers. 

To ensure clients get the maximum value for their investment. Larym Design is assigning only its senior developers and tech support professionals for this service, led by Eric Love.  He says, “I believe it is important that we demonstrate our commitment by having me and my senior team directly involved in the day-to-day operations for this service.”

On its website, Larym Design presents the following 5 benefits for its WordPress Maintenance Plans:

1. Minimized downtime due to staying current with theme and plugin bug fixes

2. No potential loss of valuable information with regularly scheduled backups

3. Improved website performance with site code review and optimization

4. Reduced chance of being hacked or becoming a victim of malicious attacks with improved security

5. Faster recovery time from any unforeseen event with a strong Larym Design support team

There are several different types of WordPress support packages, and a custom option available.  Visit here for more information:

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