Leadership Management International Singapore Discusses How To Conquer The 3 Biggest Fears To Become A Successful Leader

Great leaders do not always make great decisions. It takes courage and confidence for a leader to make decisions that can impact lives and money.

ONE COMMONWEALTH, SINGAPORE, July 21, 2014, A wrong decision can cause a company to go bankrupt and employees to lose their jobs. Every decision entails risks, and some decisions can go wrong. One of the fears of leaders is making major decisions. Therefore it is natural for them to avoid it, or not to take action, in case things don’t work out. Successful leaders are not born that way, it takes education, experience and great training. Leadership Management Singapore has risen to the top of their industry by providing leadership training that delivers measurable results.

In order to overcome the fears involved with making major decisions, it is important to understand the nature of these fears. The three most significant fears of leaders are: Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, and Fear of Rejection. The Fear of Failure stops many leaders in their tracks. They are stuck in a “rut”, never willing to take a chance, even a calculated risk, for fear of looking incompetent to their peers. Some people are afraid of success subconsciously because they feel that they will not be happy with success. Deep inside, they have a misguided fear of feeling “Guilty” if they are more successful than others.

The Fear of Rejection is a big one, and prevents people from taking a chance. They are afraid to offer suggestions, try new things and meet new people. Each success they achieve helps to overcome this fear. Proper coaching and training will help give potential leaders the self-confidence to overcome each of these fears. Leadership Management Singapore suggests three effective strategies for leaders to overcome the fear of making decisions:

Confront Fear – The best way to tackle fear is to face it head on, fear loses its power when it is confronted.

Understand The Benefits of Failure:Failure can deliver twofold benefits: First, on failing, one learns what didn’t work; and Second, the failure forces people to look for creative ways to solve a problem. Embrace failure as a friend.

Never Let A Past Failure Stop Future Attempts: Don’t let a bad outcome prevent you from trying new things in the future. Analyze what went wrong, and change the game plan.

The difference between Leadership Management Singapore and their competition is that they employ a learning process that is easily retained. LMI understands that people are resistant to change, which is often due to: Fear of the unknown, Narrow self-interest, Old habits, Lack of understanding, and Resistance stemming out of cultural beliefs.

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