Made in America is on The Rise

ITC has been on the forefront of the “Made in the USA” growth for several years now.

Garland, Texas – “We continue to increase the window of opportunity for all new designers and seasoned companies as well. I was asked last year if I had any fear. I live by the fact that the only thing to fear is fear itself” says Geri Wilson, owner of ITC Manufacturing. ITC continues to add to our team and facility as growth has dictated. ITC continues to explore ways to improve on the programs that are offered, while keeping timelines and quality control first and foremost. ITC is proud to be a part of an industry that is on the rise again. The Garment industry has been lacking for many years as companies have moved overseas. The glimmers of new and revived apparel hubs are emerging in smaller cities like that of Garland Texas, fueled by rising production costs overseas and a growing appetite for “Made in the USA” goods. More independent designers have been calculating the costs associated with international manufacturing and are opting to make clothing domestically.

These fashion manufacturing hubs are small compared to New York and Los Angeles. But armed with laptops and websites, entrepreneurs with a passion for domestic manufacturing are rolling the dice in smaller cities. They’re trying to resuscitate American-made apparel—and to recover lost American manufacturing jobs.

Garland Texas and American-made apparel companies are unique. More than 97 percent of apparel and 98 percent of shoes sold in the U.S. are made overseas. During the 1960s, roughly 95 ercent of apparel worn in the U.S. was made domestically.

America has lost nearly a third of its manufacturing jobs during the past the decade. “But ‘Made in USA’ is a trend ITC has seen and it continues to grow.

There is no secret to the fact that it does cost more to produce products here in the USA. Wages are higher than those in Asia or Mexico. But American manufacturers can stay cost competitive by streamlining production without sacrificing quality. They also need to be working smart instead of working hard. Designers also need to be strategic in how they design.

After expanding the sewing factory 3 times and adding an additional 2600 SF to the cutting facility, ITC has begun to build interior programs. ITC has programs for their team to grow from within. ITC has some of the most amazing talent; with experience levels ranging over 25 years. Geri Wilson remains engrossed in the daily operations of ITC. Building the company from the ground up has allowed for ITC to provide many jobs to the area.

ITC has wrapped their arms around the small to medium size apparel designers and given them a safe place to land. ITC provide mentoring and advice to those who have not been able to launch a new idea or company. ITC does not keep their sourcing information to themselves. They believe in sharing their experience in order to help customers and to help fellow vendors and sources grow as well. They are a team with their suppliers.

ITC was started in order to help new companies start something that is manageable right here in the USA. The fact is that manufacturing something overseas may seem like a cost effective way to start. But there are too many variables that cannot be predicted. Since ITC specializes in working with small to medium size companies, they are able to produce a product in a matter of weeks instead of the lengthy six month window needed to produce overseas. This is extremely important to production managers who have a constant pressure to meet fixed deadlines.

ITC provides many services as listed, but not limited to.
Patternmaking ( 1st patterns and production), CAD Marking and grading, trim sources, Embroidery and Screen-printing sources. 1st Samples and production runs from 25-2500 pieces. ITC can help you source fabric suppliers as well.

ITC Manufacturing specializes in quick turn production of high quality Children’s and Woman’s apparel, as well as; Top of the bed and infant bedding for name brands and retailers of all types and sizes. ITC also has extensive experience with organics and very familiar with CPSC regulations on Children’s items.

ITC proudly serves the market for smaller orders and quick turn production. ITC recognizes the need in the market for leading edge garments that are often sold in smaller quantities and need to be brought the market very quickly. This is how they make you more competitive.

ITC is your support team. They will create your prototypes from spec sheets, drawings, or your existing patterns. ITC will work from your sketch or samples you provide. Their flexibility and communication skills make this a very enjoyable experience for all customers. New designers feel very comfortable working with ITC.

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