More Cable Barriers Will Be Added To I-65

Until then, Purdue students are advised to use an extra measure of caution driving to and from the school

While riding a bicycle around Purdue Campus in West Lafayette, Indiana is the safest and most economical form of travel, it is not an option when traveling to and from home for most students. Midwestern students from Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indianapolis and the Chicago area frequently use I-65 when traveling to and from home.  Drivers on I-65 should travel with an extra measure of caution because wide stretches of the highway are unprotected by guardrails or cable barriers and construction zones are numerous.

Repaving projects along I-65 in Indiana have been going on for several months, according to spokesperson from the Indiana Department of Transportation (DOT), Matt Deitchley, and they continue through the end of the year. Some of the construction zones’ lack of cable barriers (even on shoulders of the highway that drop off up to 100 feet), frequent semi-truck travel and other trailer traffic make driving to and from campus hazardous.

Semi-trucks alone, according to the National Highway Safety Administration, are involved in more than 200 accidents along the northern stretch of the highway each year. The DOT advises students to keep a safe distance from drivers in front of them and refrain from using mobile devices. The legal speed is 70 mph, even in areas unprotected by cable barriers, but Deitchley recommends students not drive as fast as the law allows along stretches of unprotected roadway. Simply keeping your eyes on the road is not enough. More cable barriers will be added “as years progress,” according to the DOT, but until then make it back and forth from campus safely by keeping your foot off the gas.


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