Multiplayer Mode Manages Mayhem

Call of Duty: Ghosts brings order to chaos once you discover its secrets

The new Blitz multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts, at first glance, seems like it is just a chaotic battle where chance is your only hope of victory. If anyone manages to dash inside the magical glowing circle within the base without being killed, that player gains one point and is instantly teleported back to safety on their side of the map — CTF without picking up a flag. It would seem the objective would be to charge headfirst into the enemy stronghold, score a point and teleport back to your base.

However, after playing multiplayer for some time you discover a significant need for team strategy. You have to space out the timing of your attacks and coordinate the timing so none of your teammates is left high and dry inside the enemy team’s circle. It does not have to be precisely timed strategy but getting your teammates gunned down while you are safely transporting back to your base will not build you many friends.

Another move that brings order to this chaos is the use of a flashbang. If there is too much ground to cover between your present position and the circle, throw a flashbang while dashing toward the circle. It distracts your enemies just long enough for you to cover the ground before being gunned down; as long as you run in a straight line. This is just one of the ways of buying a quick route into the enemy base that makes Blitz such an entertaining mode once you discover them.


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