Musician and Multimedia Artist Adam Serafin Prepares to Release His Chill-Out Ambient Music CD

In recent years, electronic music has diversified into a myriad of subgenres.  While many of these still adhere to the dance roots that spawned them, many adventurous and pioneering artists have developed more relaxing and soothing sounds that lend themselves to more contemplative enjoyment.  One of the leaders in the field of chill-out music is Adam Serafin who is currently working on his “Ambient—Chill-out—Relax—Space!” Project. This exciting new collection of songs is based on musical interpretations of astrophysics theories and phenomena.

Adam Serafin is a successful multimedia artist who has worked on television commercials and short films. As a widely recognized composer, Adam Serafin has become synonymous with lush, hypnotic tones that evoke powerful emotions.  His last CD, “62:50” was an outstanding commercial success that showcased his undeniable musical genius.

“Ambient—Chill-out—Relax—Space!” is currently in production and should be released in 2015. Adam Serafin has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $7,500 needed to complete the project.  Music enthusiasts and fans of premier electronic music should be delighted to be a part of this historic project. The funds raised will go towards studio rental and mixing, hiring musicians, mastering, graphic design, and promotion. Financial contributors will receive digital downloads, CDs, and album tributes. To learn more about “Ambient—Chill-out—Relax—Space!” or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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