New Baby Boomer Life Insurance E-Book Available

Baby boomers have special needs when it come to life insurance. Because of longer life spans they have the added burden of not only thinking about themselves and family, but also their parents.

Redmond, WA, United States – February 16, 2015 — LifeNet Insurance Solutions released a free report today: Guide To Life Insurance For Baby Boomers. This new report reveals how to get the best value in life insurance coverage and what type of coverage is best for any circumstances.

Lenny Robbins owner of LifeNet says “For too long people have been in the dark on the costs and problems with various types of life insurance. This report helps to open the curtains on the industry and give non-agents the insights one won’t find elsewhere.”

“Many baby boomers” Robbins says, “have been told by consumer advocates that term insurance is always the best choice, and permanent coverage should be avoided at all costs.”  While this may be true, especially for young families with large insurance needs and smaller assets, baby boomers need to reexamine their priorities and make sure they’re covered appropriately.   

This is especially true since many carriers have enhanced their policies with living benefits that have real value given the cost of long term care insurance as well as the need for cash in a medical emergency.  Best of all, these benefits are free riders or incorporated into the policy itself, but have not translated into higher premiums.  In fact, premiums have decreased in general as benefits have increased.

For example, several carriers have recently incorporated a “return of premium” benefit into their permanent products which gives the owner/insured the right to cancel the policy at certain fixed times, so that if the protection is no longer needed a lump sum of cash is available instead of simply dropping the policy or trying to sell it through a life settlement.

Remember, the educated consumer has the information necessary to make an informed decision when it comes to one of the most important financial decisions in one’s lifetime.

The report can be downloaded free at LifeNet Insurance Solutions website.

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