New Board Game, Election Day: The Game, Inspires Excitement about the Political Process and How Elections Are Won

There are many board games like “Monopoly” or “Life” which take aspects of society and transform it into an exciting, fun game.  A new game from Lamont Harrell called Election Day: The Game provides each player with a realistic experience of running for office, strategies such as targeting an opponent with negative ads or staying above the fray, and running a positive campaign—and makes it an addictively fun game.  Players lead a campaign to get their candidate on the voting ballot and win the election.  Like the actual campaign process, players are confronted with challenges like negative ads, scandals and strategy decisions.

Election Day: The Game includes one game board, two dice, 15 scandal cards, one political play card, 15 conventional wisdom cards, four candidate pieces, four campaign buses, and game money.  Having tested the game with more than a hundred beta testers, the overwhelmingly positive response to the game indicates that this game is poised to be a massive commercial success.  Most players found the game to be immensely entertaining, while also being educational about the electoral system.  This profoundly enjoyable game also serves as an incisive examination of the electoral system, offering insights into why money plays such a large role in elections and why ads are so fundamentally important for victory.

Although the concept and design have been finalized, Lamont Harrell is seeking financial contributions to put Election Day: The Game into mass production.  Lamont has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise $11,000.  Of this budget, $1,000 will be devoted to graphic design, $1,000 to testing, and $9,000 to fabrication.  Contributors will receive perks including personalized thank you notices, editions of the game, T-shirts, hats, and personalized games. To learn more about Election Day: The Game or to make a contribution, please visit

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