New Game Modes and Interactive Maps Make Call of Duty: Ghosts Impressive

Great maps and modes work together in multiplayer to make CoD: Ghosts an epic challenge

Over the years, First Person Shooter games have lost the art of map knowledge and logistics in their strategy building aspects. Fortunately, the new Call of Duty: Ghosts has brought the concept back, at least in the multiplayer capacity. Map manipulation is not only cool, it adds several layers of tactical planning to a multiplayer campaign. The maps are very creative, graphic and enhance the story line.

One European stronghold claims to be the “Biggest Call of Duty Map Ever” and a flooded city in South America is a nasty hazard if you are not careful, as you drown quite quickly. Chokepoints often have multiple points of attack and multi-level combat areas offer a considerable challenge to the intellect.

Although the games spawn logic leaves something to be desired, its viciously good new game modes make up for the deficit. Behind their enemies lines, players will repeatedly be spawned. You will often observe an enemy spawning in behind you for an easy kill on a kill screen and the logic rings hollow.

However, the objective based modes are very interesting, particularly when playing Search and Rescue. After playing for a while in Blitz or Domination you begin to gain enough confidence that you feel you can lock an area down or liberate a held area easily; providing you understand the map well enough.

Nearly half of all game modes involve a variation of Deathmatch and the easiest way to win is to choose a fast gun and make it faster. To do this you unlock an SMG and use the Burst Fire attachment to spit out as many bullets as possible until unlock the ChainSAW.

The ChainSAW is an automatic weapon or heavy machine gun. When you add the Burst Fire attachment on it, things get downright messy — when it comes to rate of fire. An underwater map or a space map would have really added value to the game and perhaps we will see them in future editions.


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